Buddhai Sawan Rank, Grades, & Sash Colors

swan-new_small.gif (7584 bytes)      Krabi Krabong Gold sash


KRABI KRABONG: Auxiliary Officers

 Arjarn Surichai Sirisute  

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Little  Surichai Sirisute   

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leon-bs.jpg (4230 bytes)Leon Bonewizc

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danny-pic.JPG (2450 bytes)Danny Inosanto

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Alphonso Tamez

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Arjarn Steven Moore has attained the unique honor of becoming one of youngest  foreigners to qualify as an instructor in Krabi Krabong. Steven Moore, the son of Arjarn Tony Moore  is a the youngest qualified Instructor of Krabi Krabong in Great Britain.


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It is confirmed that foreign members of the Buddhai Swan are listed as "Auxiliary Members of the Royal Imperial Palace Guards of His Majesty the King of Thailand", and are obliged to attend or assist members of the Royal family of Thailand or high ranking members of the Thai Government, if and when they travel overseas to the country of the Auxiliary Officers.It should also be noted that the standard protocol for the Auxiliary Royal Imperial   Guards should be to inform the Royal Embassy or Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand that you are at their disposal for such occasions.

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