S-1 Muay Thai Championships in Greece 2008

JAN "SAMAEL" MULLER  of the Gladiator Promotion team  competed in the S-1 Muay Thai Championships,  held  on the 7th  of  March 2008. 30 year  old Jan Muller who competed against  Nikos Tsouykalas won the S-1 Muay Thai European title in Greece at the Casino Hotel Loutraki Jan  Muller won  on points 3:0 against 33 year old Nikos "ICE MAN" Tsouykalas of Greece. Nikos  began countering Mullers punches with high kicks but Muller retaliated with lots of punches and low kicks but finally Muller won by points. Muller is also WKA & Kings  Cup Champ,  German & Czech Champ. His  fight record : 25 wins - 5 loss -  and 19 KO's Nikos Tsouykalas Muay Thai fight record: 40 wins - 5 loss  - 2 draw


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