NAL & Muay Thaimes Supporting the Troops


the NAL colors fly proudly next to Old Glory...

the NAL colors fly proudly next to Old Glory...

"the spirit of fighting Native Americans, red, black or white,  the NAL flag is becoming a symbol of the warrior creed....

 "...I never asked to be sent,  but  I'm damn proud I went.."

by Snake Blocker
The Native American  League (N.A.L.) flag was proudly flown over Bagram Airfield (BAF) in Northern Afghanistan in July 2009.  This was authorized by 38th HR Company under the command of 48th Task Force Lighting and 82nd Airborne Division.  Many of the troops had a chance to see the flag flown right next to the main airstrip and I educated them on what the flag stood for.
As the flag was being flown, Muay Thaimes magazines were handed out to the troops...and it didn't take long to run out of copies.  The troops which included soldiers, airmen, and sailors enjoyed the newest issue of Muay Thaimes.  I was asked to sign several copies and they can't wait for the next issue.

Snake Blocker




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