“...The Begining...”

The USMTA New York State & National Amateur Elimination's

January 31st 2004 At the STRIKE ZONE



By Terra Cotta        

January 31st 2004, Brooklyn, New York, in the STRIKE ZONE. At the U.S. National Muay Thai Boxing Sports Club located at Coney Island Avenue. Here the beginning of the New York State and National Amateur event began. Mr. Alex Y, a licensed USMTA promoter was ready to start the 2004 East Coast events in the home State of the USMTA, New York.

Over the last 3 to 4 years Brooklyn, New York is slowly but surely becoming the East coast Mecca for Muay Thai, just as Philadelphia was in the early 1990’s. Brooklyn is gaining a tremendous following.

I came to see the beginnings of a Muay Thai event and immediately I was impressed by the professional attitude of the officials and the association officers. It was plain to see that even though this was an amateur event there was going to be a strict adherence to the rules and regulations for the sport of Muay Thai. The USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association) sanctioning body, and governing Muay Thai organization for the USA, was on hand to start of the new year with first of the New York State and National 2004 Amateur Muay Thai Series.  The USMTA Muay Thai event was given clearance by the New York State Athletic Commission. 


New York Athletic Commissioner Mr. George Ward, was on hand at the event, USMTA Senior Vice President, Khun Leon Bonewizc, and USMTA President Arjarn Clint Heyliger gave the evening air of prestige.  Mr. Simon Yusopov the announcer for the evening did an excellent job of rousing the audience praising the fighters.  There were a total of 7 fights this night, which filled the entire evening with non-stop action.  The crowd’s energy and participation was electrifying.  At times the crowd got so loud and excited you almost had to cover your ears.  This event brought out entire families, friends and supporters cheering the young contestants on.

Starting the night off, our announcer for the evening introduced us to young Miss Nicole Musumeci who graced the event with an excellent rendition of our nations National Anthem., where she received an explosive round of applause from the audience.  Miss Nicole Musumeci is the daughter of Mr. Salvatore R. Musumeci the well known boxing promoter for Final Forum Boxing. Sal as he likes to be called is an avid fan of Muay Thai, so who knows what could happen in the future with promoters like Alex Y and Sal Musumeci…?

As Nicole steps out of the ring, our fighters step in…


(1.) Light Needleweight:

The first bout of the night began with the Light Needleweight bout between red corner Danyu Khadarkovsky from (Borodin's Gym), and in the blue corner, Luis Brandon Martinez of  (Maisonet's Muay Thai Camp). This excellent bout between the young fighters was a prelude to the evening s event. Both fighters showed great heart and fortitude in the ring and it eventually came down to Luis Martinez being declared the Winner on a close and exciting bout.


(2.) Straw weight: 

The Straw weight bout between Michael Robinskov of  (Borodin's Gym), in the Blue corner and Devon (Thomas) Russell, (Maisonet's Muay Thai Camp), in the Red corner was another of those all out Fists of Fury bouts as these young fighters gave it their all. Both fighters struggled with each other to gain the upper hand and were great advocates to their schools and teachers. The results of this bout were running very close until the Blue corner could not continue Devon was pronounced the winner by TKO.

(3.) Exhibition Bout.

The third bout of the night was an Exhibition bout between.  Alexander Illin in the red corner and Michael Rosemblyum in the blue corner both from (Strike Zone) in this short but exciting bout between these young cubs. Both fighters showed great heart and look to become exciting fighters in the future.

(4.) Junior Lightweight:

Junior Lightweight bout between Michael Fidelman of (Borodins Gym) in the red corner and Omar Ahmed in the blue corner from (Sitan Gym.) Omar dominated the bout with a clear scoring by all the judges over Fidelman who just could not get the upper hand no matter how hard he tried, and he did try hard. Overall an excellent fight.

(5.) Welter weight:

Welter weight bout between Migel Rivera of (Strike Zone) in red corner and Matlys Limberger from (Maisonets Muay Thai Gym) in the blue corner.  Was one of those tough all out and go get em fights. Both fighters tried to dominate the other with punishing knee strikes and clinchwork bringing the fighters to the canvas several times during the bout. The referee pulled no punches when it came to giving the fighters the once over, and showed who was in control of the ring. Migel received several blows that brought him down to one knee twice, referee stopped the bout and Mattys won by TKO.

(6.) Junior Middleweight Division:

 Konstantine Andreanov  of (Strike Zone) versus Raphael Motolinia  of (Maisonet's Muay Thai Gym.) You could tell this was going to be a great fight right from the get go. Both fighters produced amazing displays of the 'Ram Muay', a Thai boxing ritual a showing of respect to ones Teacher, Parents and ones God.  This ritual goes right back to the heart and soul of the sport.  I have heard many times from many places that, if you don't do the Ram Muay you don't do Muay Thai!!.  On see the display from the fighters I can fully understand what they meant.

This was an excellent fight and the two fighters really mixed it up from the opening bell.  Raphael had quick success early on and had Konstantine in brief trouble.  Afterwards Constantine got over his early surprise and controlled the rest of the fight.  The second round was close as Raphael was again eager to mix it up but Constantine was using the punch with great effectiveness and scored repeatedly with straight jabs setting the pace of the fight.  The fighting action was so quick that they both slowed down some in the third round.  A flurry of punches caused Raphael to loose his mouthpiece, shortly before the bell.  Konstantine Andreanov won the bout on points from the judge's cards.

(7.) Heavyweight Division:    Exhibition Bout

Karim Ellington  of (Strike Zone) versus Dennis Robles  from (Maisonet's Muay Thai Camp)  This was another hard fought fight. Dennis Robles fought an aggressive fight from start to finish with kicking and punching combinations.  He also utilized good defensive techniques catching and jamming kicks, tying up his opponent and following up with punches. Karim Ellington fought an excellent fight scoring with straight front kicks to the stomach and roundhouse kicks to the head.  He scored two knockdowns with his kicking techniques and displayed good hand speed and punching skills.  He was a very disciplined fighter and didn't waste a lot of energy.  He moved well from side it side and made good use of the ring. 

This was an excellent amateur elimination event that was filled to capacity.  It was professionally organized under the jurisdiction and control of the USMTA and the AMTJRA Officials with a lot of care and planning.  The AMTJRA (American Muay Thai Judge and Referee Association) are New York States first set of registered Officials for the sport. History making on it's own, but that’s another story.  The evening’s activities were well coordinated.  Many people deserve a lot of credit for this fine event and if I fail to mention them all I apologize. Among those responsible for bringing us this outstanding event are of course.

Senior Officials were Khun Leon Bonewicz of Connecticut and Monique Maisonet of New York.

The AMTJR presiding over the nights bouts were Judges: Enos McKoy, Kenneth Hernandez, Felix Velasquez and Jorge Artavia, and Referees: Francisco Burgos and Bakary Susoho. Timekeeper was Anthony Nasimar and Bellman was Gus Indeyiannis. The Ring Doctor for the event was Sofia Villafane who did and excellent job with the fighters, giving full exams before and after the bouts.  And a big hand goes out to our Handwrap and glove expert USMTA Official "Luis Maisonet Sr., who worked hard and tireless on all the fighters


A very good nights work to all, of course nothing could have gone on without the sweat and toil of the event Promoter Mr. Alex Y a great start to the year. Though Alex will boast that he could not have completed the job without the incredible help and assistance from the USMTA, it's officials and the staff of Maisonets Muay Thai Gym. USMTA International Representatives Kru Luis A. Maisonet Junior and Kru Esteban Maisonet, their expertise did not go unnoticed at the event, and a special thanks to Kru Vladimir Borodin of Borodin's Gym.

Overall review of the nights event was Excellent!

The Next Event Will Be Held February 21st at The “Strike Zone” The U.S. National Muay Thai Boxing Sports Club, 1122 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11230 Telephone # For Ticket Information call (718) 758-3838.



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