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Laehilcim Oniramac; ( Lay-hill-kim On-ee-Ramak),  born in the year of 2485, and was the great sage, orator and historian of Prince Samingdum, born 2498.  He was at the young Prince's side through most of his life and recorded many of his sayings and speeches. In this page, Laehilcim Oniramac brings to life   many of the famous words of encouragement, strength, and wisdom of  the ancient 'Warrior Prince',  a fearless leader and staunch defender of  his land and his people...
  • :- Spoken to his outnumbered troops, the night  before the battle at Bunjong plains. His reinforcements had not arrived yet, and as a moral boost he stands on a large stone boulder, bares his chest and makes a cut across his breast with the blade of  his knife. He shouts out "If I am a Man and I do not fear myself, why should I fear any other Man? "

  • Samingdum 2525


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  • "As I placed my fists into the waiting hands of my Kru,  I felt comfort in knowing that my well being and protection lay within these palms. He whispered soothing and sacred prayers of the fighter, while he wrapped my hands in soft clean cloth as pure as the clouds, a ritual that was begun before my father’s father, and before his father’s father. Tonight, I will honor my Kru, my father’s, and my lord, as I defend the spirit of my homeland in combat against a warrior, I know not, and fear not, but give respect to, for I know he fights for the same reasons that I do, and does not fight against me..." :- Samingdum presents a  poem to a fighter as he prepares for competition.

  • Samingdum 2537


  • A nation is born under a sky of midnight blue, emblazoned with the light of glittering stars. "... raising my eyes, to gaze across this land I call home, I looked upon warriors standing side by side, who proudly held aloft the color of their nation. Above them flew the lord of the sky, the lakes, and the mountains. His great wings touched the clouds, and his eyes of golden light were ever seeking those who would honor it, fight for it, and defend it ..." 

  •  :- Speaking to Laehilcim as he stood and watched his troops gather for the coming conflict, Samingdum is awed by the amount of commoners, farmers and warriors who come to defend the nations colors.

  • Samingdum 2529


  • ".... I watched him as he entered the circle, his body glistening in the morning sun. He began to strap on his equipment, and with each movement of his body his muscles rippled under the hot sunlight. With a shake of his head, he turned to face me, and as he strode towards the center of the circle, I could see the defiant and confident look in his piercing eyes, I could see the smile on his lips, that echoed, over and over again, ' this is my domain and I will not let you leave, until I am finished with you'. My legs felt weak and my heart beat faster. My father turned to me and whispered, my son, "This man is the trainer of warriors, in this circle it is he who is king and you who are vassal", if you are prepared to become a warrior, then you must enter his kingdom ?..." 

    Spoken to his son, Drahcir, as a moral boost when he first steps into the training circle and faces the master instructor.

    Samingdum 2536


  • "... A shimmering moon on a silken pillow,  an ageless gift from mother nature ..." When you hold a pearl in your hand, you will study its perfection, admire its smoothness, and respect its creator. Like the pearl, Muay Thai is ageless. When you have studied to perfection and have admired its beauty, you will also respect its creator." 

  •  :- Spoken to his son, Drahcir, as a moral boost to continue with the arduous  training of unarmed combat in an effort to perfect his sons skills.

  • Samingdum 2539


  •  "... Steady  flowing water will eventually smooth the sharp tongued edges of   any Hard-headed stone,  all water asks  for is time..."       

  • :- Spoken to General Zciwenob, Commander of his Archer battalion and rear guard, as he explains a method of slowing down advancing enemy ground troops by releasing a continues shower of arrows at strategic points and at different heights.

  • Samingdum 2541


  • "...A pool is just a reflection of the worlds knowledge, it is timeless, ageless, you can never tell how much knowledge it hides beneath it's rippling surface. To learn of that knowledge, you must first enter the pool..."

  •  Samingdum watches his daughter Nwad  meaning "of light of first day", sitting at the edge of the pool contemplating, he explains to her.

  • Samingdum 2506


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