...Congratulations  to all ....   Biggest vote count for 2002 ...        124,853  International and National 2002 Siam Award Votes counted   .... 

2000- WINNERS:

        Paulo Tocha   Bunkered Faphimai  
        Vladimir Borodin Tony Moore 
        Bob Karmel  Coban Lookchaomaesaithong 
        Luis Maisonet Khun Clint Heyliger

2001- WINNERS:  

        Bunkered Faphimai   Strike Inc.
        Alex Gong Kru Suuan Kevin Jakub
        Nick  Hewitson Khun Clint Heyliger
        Duke Rufus Songchai Ratanasuban  
        Hassan Attaki Kru Suuan Paulo Tocha
        Arjarn Tony Moore  

2002- WINNERS:  

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Alex Gong Muay Thai fighter, instructor and trainer  received  a Siam Award for best Western Division U.S. Fighter of the Year.

Duke Rufus Muay Thai fighter, instructor,  trainer  and promoter received  a Siam Award for Top U.S. Promoter of the Year.

Nick Hewitson  Formerly from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, became a winner of the International Instructor of the Year Award, the U.S. Instructor of the year Award, and The National Achievement Award.

Strike Inc. Promotions, a fairly new Thai boxing promotional company, producing Thai Apparel, Thai Jewelry and much more, received  two  Siam Awards.  The International Corporate Award and the International Corporate Award.

Kru Suuan Kevin Jakub Muay Thai instructor and trainer of NHB fighters, of  the Suua Kai  Team and the Suua Kai camp in Atlanta Georgia, once again has received the Best American Muay Thai Judge and Referee Award.

 Songchai Ratanasuban is once again the most popular and the #1 promoter of Thailand for over a decade and the World acceptance man. Songchai,  recognized as a fair and honest promoter and has received the Siam International Promoter of the Year Award.

Tony Moore: received the International Judge & Referee of the Year Siam Award. Tony Moore   is ranked the Number One Krabi Krabong instructor in the world, and regularly demonstrates the art before the King Of Thailand. He is Chairman of the world famous BTBC "British Thai Boxing Council" 

Khun Clint Heyliger received three Siam Awards  for Muay Thai; a National Lifetime Achievement Award, a National Achievement Award and  a International Appreciation  Award.

Delef Turnau. Top trainer, Instructor of Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong from Germany. Has trained in Thailand, a member of the EMTU, WMTC, MTBD, became a rare  winner of  the Siam International  Achievement Award.

Bunkered Faphimai, Top Lumpinni  Stadium Bangkok, Thailand and USA Champion Thai fighter, Bunkered Faphimai, (Fairtex Camp)  San Francisco, California, became a rare  winner of  the Siam International  Lifetime Achievement Award.

MTI Magazine not unexpected, the USMTA's E-magazine  MTI received the Siam International Media Award  for the continuous promotion for National Muay Thai throughout  the international world of Muay Thai.

USMTA  International Website ..also not  unexpected, the USMTA Website received the Siam National Media Award  for the continuous promotion for National Muay Thai in the United States and around the world.


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