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During the Siam Awards, many nominations from around the world are compiled each month. This year was an exceptional year with hundreds of votes for hundreds of people. What we see here are the results of the top votes from those hundreds of nominees.  

A quick note for those who do not see there votes placed here.... Nominees must have over a minimum of 20 votes to be placed on the nomination pages,. Nominations that do not reach the minimum requirement  are not placed on the proceeding pages.  This does not mean their nomination was not noted. But we must set some form of rule otherwise there would be too many nominees  listed.


Name of Winners Final votes
U. S. National Media Award USMTA WEBSITE11,124
U. S. National Appreciation Award CLINT HEYLIGER581
U. S. National Achievement Award NICK HEWITSON422
U. S. National Corporate Award STRIKE INC.861
U. S. National Actors Award PAULO TOCHA36
U.S. Lifetime Achievement Award BUNKERD FAIRTEX79
U.S.  Instructor of the Year Award NICK HEWITSON449
U.S. Promoter of the Year Award DUKE RUFUS98
U.S. Judge & Referee of the year Award KEVIN JAKUB74
U.S. National Fighter of the year AwardALEX GONG76

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Name of Winners 

Final Votes

International Achievement AwardEDI AZAD  (IRAN)479
International Instructor of the Year AwardNICK HEWITSON (USA)709
International Appreciation Award CLINT HEYLIGER  (USA)1,309
International Media Award USMTA WEBSITE (USA)4,573
International Corporate Award STRIKE INC (USA)348
International Actors Award PAULO TOCHA (USA)374
International Lifetime Achievement Award BUNKERD FAIRTEX (THAI)201
International Promoter of the Year Award SONGCHAI  (THAI)345
International Judge & Referee of the year Award TONY MOORE (UK)122
International Fighter of the year Award HASSAN ATAKKI  (HOLL)99


Congratulations to all the winners

 of the National and International  Siam Awards

1998 was the first year that we put the Siam Awards program  in to action. Our results of the first  Siam Awards has galvanized us to continue the program and begin each following seasons  Siam Awards on  February  1st.  This  will be the second Siam Awards of the new century.   A full up-date on the winners will be posted as soon as we receive all the photos and data.

Once again, Congratulations to all the Siam Awards Winners, and we look forward to seeing you throughout the  millennium.

Good luck to all the nominees for the upcoming 2007

Director Siam Awards:

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