Promoter Songchai Ratanasubanís biography

He was born on March 5, 1946 in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. He has one elder sister and one elder brother. He was married to Khun Saowanee (Tungkongphanit) with one son and two daughters: Miss Kanokwan Ratanasuban, Mr. Surachai Ratanasuban and Miss Piyathip Ratanasuban.

Songchai Ratanasuban is the most popular and the #1 promoter of Thailand for over a decade and the World acceptance man. It is obviously strange if any promoters have no other business, but Mr. Songchai does, he is only working as a promoter, fair and honest to people, fighters, audiences, Door tickets on his promotion is more than reasonable.

He has been devoted the whole of himself for charities drawing millions of Baht (Thai money) by promoting the event to support charities and governmental activities, especially for a risked group of people, also those military and civilian who are damaged from the territorial battles. Not only that, but also the special event for those retired fighters to help them for their own livings.

For some of the main charities' events: To co-promote with the Interior Minister for: The charity to His Majesty the king through Chulalongkorn Hospital.  Lunch treatment for the no-money students.

Songchai Ratanasuban owns more than 70% of top Muay Thai fighters of the country. Furthermore, he owns all 11 Divisions of Champions of Lumpini Stadium, Songchai Boxing Stadium and Somloung Stadium.

          Mr.Songchai is the only promoter that has 8 English Boxing champions.

  1. Pichit Chor Siriwat (Current WBA Light Flyweight Champion)

  2. Samart Payak-a-run (Former WBC Champion)

  3. Muangchai Kittikasaem (Former IBF Champion)

  4. Pichit Sith Bang-ra-jan (Former WBA Champion)

  5. Dowrung (Former WBA Champion)

  6. Yokthai Sith Oar (Current #1 WBA Super Flyweight)

  7. San Sor Ploenjit (Former WBA Champion)

  8. Yodsanan 3 K Battery (Current #4 WBA Super Featherweight and Current PABA Champion).

He himself proud of being a Thai who was the first successful promoter who introduce Muaythai to the World with live telecast back to Thailand more than 20 times. That helps creating training camps and schools of Muay Thai worldwide.

His vision is to make Muay Thai, the Thai's heritage, to be the World's heritage.

Moreover, he is the president of Songchai International Promotion Co., Ltd., SSR Promotion Co., Ltd. and Muay Thai Promotion Co., Ltd.

The above clearance task with his utmost of the attempt and funds makes "Songchai Ratanasuban" appointed:

Honored with the man of the year certificate for "A man of Achievements" in 1992.

Honored with certificate for "Muay Thai Creator" in 1992.

And more than 900 of honored from those charities' promotions, that his family is so proud of. Especially his wife and his children who are the most important supporting behind "Songchai Ratanasuban"


Mr. Songchaiís biggest promotion had over 100,000 people came to watch over December 5, 1998 to celebrate for the Kingís Birthday at the temporary stadium in front of the Grand Palace. This promotion live televised on Channel 5 Global Network in Thailand and Channel Canal Plus in France.

In Thailand, Mr. Songchai live televises his promotions 3 times weekly:

Channel 5:Sillapa Muay Thai Nai Kanom Tom promotion at Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok.

Channel 11: Suk Somloung Sib ait promotion at Somloung Stadium, Samutprakarn Province

Channel ITV: Muay Thai Moradok Lok promotion at Songchai International Stadium, Chachoengsao Province

Furthermore, he has his own regular big Promotion calls "Suk wan Songchai" monthly either Tuesday or Friday at Lumpini Stadium that usually attracted people to come as much as 6,000 people.( Lumpini Boxing Stadium is the #1 Stadium of Thailand.)

There are many promotions that are in his controlled which promote once or twice a month:

Suk kiet Singh Noi at Rarddumnern Stadium (#2 Boxing Stadium of Thailand)

Suk Jao Muang Chon at Rarddumnern Stadium

Suk Sor Wan Chart at Rarddumnern Stadium

Suk Taharnseui at Lumpini Stadium

Suk Fairtex at Lumpini Stadium

Suk Por Pramuk at Lumpini Stadium

Suk Bang-ra-jan at Rarddumnern Stadium


Mr. Songchai controls 2 radio station:

59.4 AM from 13:15-14:00 PM. Mr. Pa Hinkong and Mr. Sien Kae host for 7 days a week.

86.5 AM from 14:30-15:30 PM. Mr. Sien Kae hosts for 7 days a week.


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Copyright © 1998 USMTA Inc. All rights reserved. Revised: October 22, 2005.