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Note: The ending of a statement should end with "Krup" if you are a man and "Ka" if you are a woman. In English it would be Sir or Madam, But in Thai it is the Gender of the person speaking that matters not the person you are speaking to.

Sawadee Krup or Ka
 Hello Sir/Madam
Sabai Dee Rua
How Are You ?

Every Day Sayings

Prat Tet A Li
What Country Do You Come From ?
Bi Ni
Where Do You Go ?
Kin Kow
To Eat Rice
Bi Du-Way
Go Together
Chai / Mi Chai
Yes / No
Choke Dee
Good Luck
Bi Cha Cha
Go Slowly
Mi Pen Li
It Doesn't Matter

Food & Dining

Naam Yen
Cold Water
Naam Kang
Ow Mi Pet
I Don't Want It Spicy
Hong Naam You Te Ni
Where Is The Bath Room ?
Counting Numbers & Money
Nung, Song, Saam, Sea, & Ha Baht
1 to 5 Baht
Hok, Jet, Paat, & Gaow Baht
  6 to 9 Baht
Sip-et,Ye-Sip-et, Saam-Sip-et, Sea-Sip-et & Ha-Sip-et Baht
11 to 51 Baht

Note: "Et" is used instead of "Nung" in Numbers ending in 1. Sip-et for 11, Ye-Sip-et for 21, Sam-Sip-et, etc.

Sip, Ye, Saam, Sea, & Ha Sip Baht
10 to 50 Baht Sip Baht = 10 Baht.

 There is no number before the "Sip" as with other numbers.

Hok, Jet, Paat, & Gaow Sip Baht
60 Baht to 90 Baht
Nung, Song, Saam, Sea, & Ha Loy Baht
100 Baht to 500 Baht
Hok, Jet, Paat, & Gaow Loy Baht
 600 Baht to 900 Baht
Nung, Song, Saam, Sea, & Ha Pan Baht
1000 to 5000 Baht
Taow Li
How Much ?
   Expensive     (Say this word Gently)
  I Don't Want   Mi-Ow Krup if your a man & Mi-Ow Ka if your a woman.
Khup Kun
  Thank You


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