photo by Billy Soksoda 1998

REVIEW : by Billy Soksoda

ISKA Scott Coker packed the San Jose Civic Center for Strike Force October 10,1998.  An exciting event featuring full contact, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Chinese Boxing Championship bouts.  The Fairtex fighter didn't disappoint their President Philip Wong, who was in attendance for the event.

The Main event feature former Lumpinee and Rajadernm Champion Boonkerd Fairtex against John Washington.  Washington took the fight in only one-weeks notice.  However, it was apparent that Washington was overly match.   Boonkerd chased Washington around the ring landing kick after kick. Washington got several jabs in , which kept Boonkerd back.  In the third round Boonkerd knees took its toll as Washington dropped his head and crouch over. 

Boonkerd went to knee but stopped before it had made contact with Washington.   Referee Dan Stell took a point from Boonkerd for kneeing to the head.  However it seem that his knee never touch Washington. Referee Dan Stell gave Washington time to recoup as he needed it.  He was extremely tired.   Washington could not continue the fight.  Due to a TKO

Alex Gong who is the #2 Ranked ISKA Super welterweight made quick of his opponent Travis Doerge. Gong came out very aggressive and showed the crowd he meant business by landing solid kicks to the legs and hard punches to the face.  This proved too much for Doerge as Gong knocked out Doerge in 1:05 of the first round.

The third Professional Fairtex fighter was Jongsanan Fairtex.  Jongsanan faced Cecil Higgins for the ISKA Light Middleweight Championship. Jongsanan controlled the entire fight landing just about every kick, punch, and knee.   In the third round Jongsanan pressured and attached Higgins legs.  Since Higgins was not fighting back the referee gave Higgins a standing eight count.   Jongsanan kept attacking in the third round and proved to be much for Higgins.   The referee stopped the bout at 2:11 seconds of the third round due to Higgins taking to much punishment.

photo by Billy Soksoda 1998

Jongsanan lands a knee to Higgins body.

photo by Billy Soksoda 1998

Don "The  Dragon" Wilson and Philip Wong

The most exciting bout came from the raising star of Draka and the Chinese Boxing world Cung Le of San Jose.  Cung Le fought Dan Garrett of Pasadena, Maryland.  Both of these fighters were past or current San Sou Champions. Le was in controlled of the entire fight with throws and landing devastating kicks.  Garrett completed one throw but instantly Le can back with an over the back suplex.  Le showed that he was also a great kick boxer by landing legs kicks and punches.  Garrett fought extremely tough but that was not enough as Le knocks him out at :20 second of the third round. Cung Le is extremely an exciting fighter; he will do well in the ring or on the silver screen.  Good luck Cung Le.

The most devastating knock out of the night came from two amateur fighters. Mike Altman from Houston, Texas took on San Jose Art Palacios.   This was for the ISKA California Crusierweight Championship.  Altman didn't take long as he went into the fight landing kicks and punches to Palacios. Altman knocked down Palacios early in the first round.  The referee gave Palacios the standing eight count and the bout continue but not for long. Altman hurried in and finished off Palacios landing several unanswered punches to the face.  Referee Dan Stell stepped in to stopped the bout but was one hit too late.  Palacios hit the canvas and did not get up till a few minutes later.

Strike Force proved to be an exciting and entertaining event.   Great fighters and great fans made this event one of the best US fights of the year. In attendance was Jean Claude Leuyer, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Ernie Reyes Jr., Ernie Reyes Sr., Peter Cunningham who was inaugurated into the ISKA Hall of Fame, and Fairtex Owner Phillip Wong as special guest.   Great job Scott Coker.

photo by Billy Soksoda 1998

Alex Gong went to knee as Doerge went down.

photo by Billy Soksoda 1998

Altman landing a punch to Palacios.

Amateur Results:

Bout #8;  ISKA California Crusierweight Chinese Boxing Championship Mike Altman (Houston, Texas) defeated Art Palacios (San Jose, Ca) 1st round KO.
Bout #7;  ISKA Superflyweight California Championship Gail Webb (San Jose, Ca) defeated Mercedes Medina (Los Angles, Ca) Judges scored: 40-34,  39-37 ,   38-36.
Bout #6; ISKA Kickboxing Cruiserweight Championship Ronnie Wells (Daly City, Ca) defeated Sean McReynolds (Seattle, Washington) Unanimous decision. Judges scored; 38-36,  38 -34,  38-37.
Bout #5;   ISKA Chinese Boxing Championship Chinu Ly (San Jose, Ca) defeated Thanh Tran (Houston, Texas) unanimous decision 4-0
Bout #4; US Light Heavyweight Championship  Dan Kelly defeated Manny De lavalle. Judges scored, 40-35 40-36 40-35.
Bout #3;  Mike Regner defeated Ricardo Miranda TKO :28 of the 2nd round
Bout #2;  Adam Rogers defeated Benjamin Storz TKO 1:18 in 2nd round.
Bout #1;  Mitch Hermia (San Jose, Ca) defeated Marcos Vega (Santa Rosa, Ca). Judges scored, 29   - 28 ,  29-28,  30-27.

Professional results Main Event:


Boonkerd Fairtex (Thailand) defeated John Washington ( Bakerfield, Ca) TKO in the 3rd round.

Bout #9;  ISKA US Full Contact Featherweight Championship Eddie Croft (San Mateo) defeated Grocha Pasieshvili (Brooklyn, NY) by disqualification.  Pasieshvili failed to make the require 8 kicks in three rounds.

Bout #10;  ISKA Light Middleweight Muay Thai Championship Jongsanan Fairtex ( Bangkok, Thailand) defeated Cecil Higgins (Phoenix, Arizona) TKO 2:11 of the 3rd round.

Bout #11; ISKA US Full Contact Light Welterweight Championship than Wayne Jones (San Jose, Ca) defeated Fernando Calleroes (Albuquerque, New Mexico).  Judges scored; 88-84 ,  86 -86,   85 -85

Bout #12; ISKA North American Female Super Bantamweight Championship Chantal Nadon (Toronto, Canada) defeated Bambi Bertoncello (Bellevue, Washington) KO 1:04 2nd round.

Bout #13;  ISKA US Light Crusierweight Chinese Boxing Championship Cung Le  (San Jose, Ca) defeated Dan Garrett (Pasadena, Maryland) KO :20 of the 3rd round.

Bout #14;  ISKA Intercontinental Super Welterweight Muay Thai Championship Alex Gong (San Francisco,Ca)   defeated Travis Doerge (Seattle, Washington) KO 1:05 in the 1st  round.

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