SMTA President Mr. Yazid Al Haj Eid

Mr. Yazid Al Haj Eid is credited as one of the Original founders of the Syrian Muay Thai Association.  (For further information on the SMTA, contact the USMTA. A Supplier of Muay Thai apparel  click here to seeMr. Yazid Al Haj Eid Born in Saudi Arabia in 1975, practiced Shotokan in Syria,  Kickboxing and bodybuilding  and recently Muay Thai Opened his camp named "Tigers School". Became President of the Syrian Muay Thai Association, based in the City of  Damascus. Became a USMTA Representative in 1998, The Syrian Muay Thai Association  was accepted as a member of   W.A.M.TO.  & W.M.T.F. in 1998.

SMTA Syria, Damascus, P.O. Box 6388

Yazid Al haj Eid presenting a certificate of honorary recognition to Mr. Raymond Kalpakji of the Royal Thai Counsul General, in DamsacusYazid Al haj Eid poses with Master Ali Eminonu Cultural Karate Club and his students, in Istanbul, Turkey.

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