THE NAL (Native American League)

The Native American League of the USMTA is comprised of Native American People,  People of the First Tribes and Native People (People Native to their own countries)  who seek the same thing, to see the GROWTH of Muay Thai and the United States Muay Thai Association either as a Coach, Teacher, Competitor or Fan of the Art and Sport. All of those seeking membership within the Native American League, first need to consider to themselves can I commit myself to the NAL and assist in its growth by spreading the word to all Native People ? If you can answer YES, to that question we welcome you as apart of our family.

The next step is to honor the Native American League with your people FLAG or SEAL so that it may be displayed with the others in a place of HONOR among the Flags of the People. The final step towards membership is simple fill out the application of membership and mail it along with your required fee's and copies of your Martial Arts History (Rank Certificates) to the USMTA Headquarters. After we receive that information you will receive a membership Certificate from the USMTA and the NAL, a USMTA ID Card and membership booklet. You will also receive via email a complete listing of upcoming events i.e. seminars, training and bouts throughout the world.



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