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Joining the U.S. National Teams is not an easy thing to accomplish. The United States has been divided into six separate regions, each regional office with the help of recognized promoters, will organize all States within its boundaries to promote competitions and events for both Amateur and Professional Muay Thai,

following the guidelines of the USMTA Rules & Regulations, to produce the USMTA State Champions State Champions of all weight divisions (listed in the USMTA Rules & Regulations) will form themselves into" State Teams" who will then compete against other states listed in their respective region producing the Regional Champions, who will be eligible become members of the 'Regional Team'.

The winners of the six Regional Teams will compete against other regional champions within the Eastern / Western divide, (and chosen by Independent ballot), in the elimination play-offs. The winning 'East Coast & West Coast' teams, will be eligible to compete for the 'USMTA National Championships'. The National U.S.

Championship winners in both the Professional and Amateur Leagues will become eligible to be chosen to make up the International U.S. TEAM MUAY THAI -I (Professional) and TEAM MUAY THAI-II (Amateur).

Stipulations For Entry leading up to The USMTA's

Team Muay Thai 2001 Program.

There are certain stipulations required for the events to be sanctioned and protected by the USMTA, and for all results to be Nationally & Internationally recognized. Entry to the 2001 AD Muay Thai Championships is open to all-comers and contenders, sanctioning of the events are covered by the USMTA and will be recognized by the International governing associations. All events will be officiated under the guidelines of the AMTJRA. Fighters who are members of the association will be on the International Muay Thai point system.

The Muay Thai Championship Team 2001 AD will have no bearing on affiliated associations own  championships. All other associations are restricted in using the USMTA championship ratings or point system without prior written permission of the USMTA .Kickboxing associations or organizations are restricted from using any part of the format of the USMTA championships without the prior written consent of the USMTA.

1. KICKBOXING PROMOTERS: Are welcome to promote USMTA sanctioned events under stipulation that they are licensed  by the USMTA, that they adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the USMTA, are required to use the AMTJRA officials.

2. KICK BOXERS: Are welcome to take part in USMTA sanctioned events, but must be registered and licensed members of the association, and are obliged to observe the Rules and Regulations of the association.

3. FIGHTERS: Must be a current registered member of the USMTA. 2001

4. MUST HOLD: a current and up-to-date license stating that you are a Professional or Amateur fighter by the association.

5. PROMOTERS: Must be a current registered and licensed Muay Thai promoter by the association.

6. JUDGES & REFEREES: Must be registered with the AMTJRA and hold current a up-to-date  license.

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