The Mongkron (Monkon):

The Monkron (Monkon, Mongkhon, Mong kon) is the sacred headband which a fighter wears when performing the pre-fight ritual - the Ram Muay, Each Monkron is presented by the master or Arjarn to the student when he is experienced and qualified to teach the art of Muay Thai.

White Monkron:  White is the color of the Buddha and therefore of a higher significance to the Thai people than any other color and consequently a white Monkron is the highest award anybody can give in Muay Thai. Arjarn Tony Moore of the British Thai Boxing Council, England, was presented with   the 'White Monkron' from Rajadamnern Stadium in 1991, because he had proven worthy of the honor by his unceasing work in promoting Muay Thai and for his qualifications and experience gained by constantly training in the art both in England and in Thailand. As of this year 1998, Arjarn Tony Moore is the only foreigner to be presented with the White Monkron.


A Thai boxers sacred headband, does not belong to the fighter, contuary to what people may think, it actually belongs to the camp to which the fighter belongs to.  Some of these head bands date over hundreds of years.



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