Arjarn Tong Trithara

Arjarn Tong Trithara was born 1952, on the 27th March, Banpan, Autthaya, Thailand in and had his first introduction to the Thai fighting techniques at the age of twelve years old.He was trained by his uncle, who was a fighter under the name of "Saming Lukbanpan". He started Tong training at the age of twelve years of age.

by C. Heyliger


Later Tong began to be trained by a Champion fighter named "Samaair Sorndang", who was a Thai Boxing champion and western style boxing. Tong fought a few times in Central and Southern Thailand accumulating around 22 fights. On May 5th 1971 at the age of eighteen, Tong traveled to the United States of America. He began to train at the Thai Boxing Academy (The first Thai Boxing school in the United States) and was under the instruction of another famous Muay Thai and western style boxing champion champion named "Niyom Prasertsom" at the The Thai Boxing Academy in Hollywood, California.

Tong saved his money and eventually opened his own school in Down Town Los Angeles, California, with a Vietnamese Thai Fighter who had  been training for over ten years in Southern California.  In 1979 Tong decided to move to Springfield, Missouri and began teaching and promoting small Muay Thai events until 1985. He has worked as coach and corner-man in many Thai Champion's corner who came to America to compete in International events, He became the Thai Interpreter and advisor for the International Thai Teams that came to the United States, in the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (twice), the City of Los Angeles, California and the City of Phoenix, in Arizona.

He became the founder of the the Muay Thai Academy in Springfield Missouri in 1989 and formed the Muay Thai U.S.A. Association in the same year and acted as President of the association. He was appointed to be Muay Thai Technical Advisor for Fighter International Magazine, (one of the best Muay Thai magazines at that time).

In 1991 Tong was appointed as a State Athletic Inspector, and finally as  a State Athletic Advisor for the State of Missouri. Over the 20 years Tong has trained hundreds of American and European Muay Thai Fighter and  several Thai Champion Muay Thai fighters:

Name of the champion fighters he has worked with since 1970 

1,) Pud Lorlek  (2.) Pud Pardnoi Vorrayut (3.) Nivom Prasert Som

Name of the champion fighters he has worked with since 1980 - 90's

1.) Supperman Osotsapa  (2.) Chumpung Chomputong

3.) Yasin Lukkongtan          (4.) Oodnoi Lukprabath

5.) Jamhod Lukkongtan


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