The Tornado from New York, 'Turan Hasanov' 
Wins His Pro Debut in Bangkok
April 12th, 2010   OneSongchia Promotions,  Bang Kadi,  Thailand


Coach Vladimir Borodin  and Turan  Hasanov

On April 12th 2010, in the City of Bangkok, Thailand was a professional debut of New York’s very own Turan Hasanov from Borodin’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York. The event was one of the OneSongchai's promotional companies in Thailand. This was Turan’s first professional fight and his first trip Thailand,  and his opponent was Denvirote Sor Fuengfa. They fought at Bang Kadi Buddhist temple.

Prior to the fight Turan had spent 1,5 month at Songchai's Baan Muay Thai Camp under the supervision of one of the camps living legends, Saengtien Noi who previously worked with the now famous Muay Thai fighter from Australia, John Wayne Parr.

However, fighting overseas is not new for the Brooklyn based Borodin’s Gym fighters.  Just a month before traveling to Bangkok Turan had fought in Paris, France and there he understood the difference of fighting full Muay Thai rules, which meant the use of elbows even in the amateur competitions.

Needless to say, in many US states most amateur and even some professional fighters are not allowed to use elbows in the Muay Thai bouts. This is one of the reasons that many American fighters loose their matches when competing abroad. They just don't have enough experience of elbow training and using it in the ring. The USMTA are one of the few Muay Thai organizations that allow the use elbows to the body in amateur competition and full Muay Thai rules in professional bouts where ever the state allows.

Coach Vladimir Borodin  & Turan  in Paris, France

Fortunately at Borodin’s Gym, the training process of full Muay Thai rules begin as young as 4 year old kids classes, they drill  and spar in knee and elbow pads so it becomes natural for them to act like Thai’s on the ring from the early childhood. Many of us may remember New York fighter and instructor Moti Horenstein who won the Princes Cup Tournament in Bangkok, many years ago. Also Steven Berkolayko who defeated fighters in Holland and Japan using elbows.

 ‘Full Muay Thai training really did help Turan a lot’,  said trainer Kru Vladimir Borodin, ‘and he with the help of Saengtien Noi he could stand up against a real Thai fighter who at the moment was Denvirote Sor Fuengfa with 60 professional fights in his pocket already.

Turan said, “I felt his low kicks during the first seconds of the first round, the feeling was like being hit with a metal pipe. So I quickly decided that if I don't knock him out in the first round he will just destroy me later”.

Turan said, “I decided to go with my boxing skills and an elbow finish. Thai fighters are usually start off slow in the first round and their boxing is not as sophisticated as there kicks and clinch work this helped me a lot.”

Denvirote Sor Fuengfa  & Turan Hasanov do battle..

 In 45th second of the first round Turan made a boxing combination ending up with a perfect elbow strike which put his opponent on the canvas out cold. “I'm happy it ended up this way and know now that the professional level is not a joke - Turan added.”


On May 8th this year Hasanov will be fighting as a professional again on a PPV broadcasted event called Instinct fighting Network, a new modified Muay Thai rules organization.


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