The recent BTBC trip to Thailand was once again a great success. The delegates met up with a group from the Irish Thai Boxing Council in Bangkok and the 21-strong party toured the country invading the ancient capital of Ayuddhaya and seeing the sights of Bangkok before traveling down to Pattaya fro some training at the famous Sityodtong- Payakarun Camp.

Three of the group, Seamus Cogan from Ireland and Andy Newall and Carl Johnson from England were matched up to fight in Pattaya against Thai opponents from local camps in Chonburi. It was a great result for all three boys with each one of them winning their bouts by a KO. All the hard training they’d put in before the fight had been well worth the effort.

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Picture of (from left) Kru Chart, Seamus Cogan, Andy Newall, Toi Yodtong (Arjarn Yodtong's son) and Carl Johnson

During the trip our Chairman and Secretary Tony and Karen Moore met with officials from the World Muay Thai Council and the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand and the great new they brought back is that the BTBC and also the ITBC have been invited to enter teams from England, Wales and Ireland into the 1999 King’s Cup competition taking place in Thailand next December.
These spectacular celebrations, which besides celebrating His Majesty the King of Thailand’s birthday will also usher in the millennium and a new era for Muay Thai.   The event will feature Professional and Amateur Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong, Kite Fighting and many other classical Thai arts. Fireworks and thrilling light shows are scheduled to take place at the venue which will be Sanam Luang. As many people will know this is the huge national meeting area in front of the Grand Palace (Wat Phra Keo) in the heart of old Bangkok.

Team selections for the King’s Cup will begin in earnest early in the new year with several elmination events scheduled around the country. Only the best will be selected for the thirteen weight divisions and all fighters will be encouraged to attend special squad training sessions at the various BTBC clubs nationwide.

Irish Thai fighter Craig O'Flynn displays the Ram Muay at the old City in Thailand.


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