The Irish Thai Boxing Council’s top Thai Boxer and one of the Buddhai Sawan Students is Craig O’Flynn who is currently out in Thailand, training and fighting. Craig has really made a name for himself in the Land of Smiles. Starting with his successes at the King’s Cup Amateur World Championships back in August. Not only did Craig, (who because of his long black hair is known in Thailand as "Samson") fight his way through to the final, winning a silver medal but he was also awarded the Prize for the Best Ram Muay of the Games.

Craig then spent some time relaxing and taking in the sights of Ayutthaya with his fellow students from the ITBC and BTBC groups before going back to training for his much publicized match against the Lady-Man boxer NONG TOOM. The Thai sense of humor being what it is and given the nature of Nong Toom, this fight was light-heartedly dubbed "SAMSON V DELILAH"! It was a very close fight and well-matched but unfortunately as with the bible story, Samson’s strength didn’t save him and Craig narrowly lost on points. Perhaps predictably, this served only to enhance his fame in Thailand as a favorite European fighter.

Irish Thai fighter Craig O'Flynn

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Thai fighter  "Nong Toom" Prinya Kiatbusaba


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