Top B.A.M.T.O. Referee, Bobby Evans was a big hit at the King’s Cup in Thailand recently when he represented England as the only European to referee in the World Championship Finals. Bobby was highly praised by IFMA Officials at the Games for his expertise and it looks very likely that Bobby will be one of the referees selected for lots of future International duties.

B.A.M.T.O., which as you know is the BTBC’s governing body for judges and referees, has been much in demand this year. Not only officiating at all BTBC shows but also at Master Sken’s last show last. The next tour of duty will be on Master Chana’s show early this month. Well done everybody at B.A.M.T.O. you are a credit to the BTBC!


Highlight of the Tour was the AMAZING THAILAND FESTIVAL held during the Bank Holiday Weekend. A reconstruction of Thailand was built in the grounds of Secrets Garden Center near Guildford. The action-packed, fun-filled celebrations featured Thai Classical Dancing and Theatre and the Martial Arts of Thailand – Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong.

During the celebrations for Amazing Thailand Year, the Buddhai Swan Institute U.K. promoted the art of Krabi Krabong nationwide. Seminars teaching this ancient art were held around the country and attended by many students.

The weekend was a great success with around five thousand people turning up for each day of the event. The displays by Buddhai Sawan Institute/Sitsiam Camp were very well received and were actually broadcast on the early evening news locally. Thanks go to Mrs Mudita Karnasuta of the Mudita Trust (pictured above with the team) for her unstinting support for Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong in the UK.

Young Brit's Kicking High..

This photo of young Lee Blackwell, a Junior from The Sitsiam Camp in Manchester, showing a jumping Thai high kick. In England, the Junior system is going strong in England with approximately four hundred Junior Thai boxers within the rankings.


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