The Official Officers badge of the USMTA

This is the Official USMTA Officers, Directors and Representatives and International representatives badge of the association.

 All Officers are required to show and or display the official badge at all functions and events pertaining to his or her duties.

All USMTA officers should contact the National  Headquarters for further information.

 Kevin Jalique  was born on the US Territory of Guam partially raised there and California.   His  father joined the US Army. He was fortunate to live the life of an Army brat which brought him to California at a very young age around the late 80's. He became fascinated with the art of Muay Thai since watching the movie Bloodsport as a kid starring actors  and martial artisit Jeane Claude Van Damme  and actor and famous Thai

martial artist Kru Paulo Tocha. He saw his first Muay Thai - Kickboxing fight in Los Angeles.  The main event featured a Thai fighter by the name of Pongsan Ekyotin. A year or so later he found Pongsan's gym, Ekyotin Gym. At the time it was located in the city of Huntington Park in Los Angeles.  He joined the gym and a month later had his first fight under Kru Pong.  All his fights after that were under the Ekyotin flag.  He became the USMTA Representative for the U.S. Territory of Guam in 2012.

   Benjamin Hardin :  State: Oregon Email:
Benjamin Hardin  was always curious about Muay Thai but didn't know much about it as a kid. It wasn't until 14 years later in Vallejo California in 2006 when Ben discovered Muay Thai.  Ben met Kru Trey Howard and joined the Warriors Muay Thai family. As a student of Kru Trey and part of Warriors Muay Thai, Ben developed a deep love and passion for Muay Thai and was fascinated with not only the fighting aspect but the cultural and spiritual aspect as well. Ben assisted Kru Trey and the Warriors Muay Thai fight team as corner man for fights that were held in 2008 at Master Toddy's Las Vegas location where their fighters were victorious

in both bouts. In 2011 Ben moved from Vallejo California to North Bend Oregon for work. Ben briefly studied Judo at SWOCC and has been a guest Muay Thai instructor at Chet Covely's Knockout and Submission arts School of Kenpo in Coos Bay Oregon. Ben currently teaches at Ludus Gym MMA Training Center where he holds Muay Thai classes and helps prepare Muay Thai and mma fighters for there upcoming fights. Ben became the Oregon State Representative for the USMTA February 2014.

   Peter Yee     State: Rhode Island  Email:
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   Josef Pearson      District of Columbus  Email:
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   Steve Soriano  State: Massachusetts   Email:

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   Kru Miguel Rivera  State: New York   Email:

Kru Miguel "WuFang" Rivera began is journey in the Martial Arts at the age of sixteen in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and dabbed in various other martial arts such as Tang Soo Do and and Karate but it was in 1998 that he found his passion, and that was in Muay Thai. Kru Nestor Marte gave him his first taste of Muay Thai. Kru Rivera went on to train with other big names such as Master Bakary, the Maisonet Brothers and last but not least, the legendary Kru Phil Nurse.

 Kru Rivera's passion for the sport was not limited to what he could do in the gym, but by his commitment inside and out of the ring. When it was time to hang up the gloves as a fighter, he was not content with just being a trainer he was driven to be an intricate part in the art and sport of Muay Thai. He became a certified referee and judge under the U.S.M.T.A through the tutelage of Master Bakary and reporter for Muay Thaimes magazine under his mentor Robert Reiter.



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