The Official Officers badge of the USMTA

This is the Official USMTA Officers, Directors and Representatives and International representatives badge of the association.

 All Officers are required to show and or display the official badge at all functions and events pertaining to his or her duties.

All USMTA officers should contact the National  Headquarters for further information.

The duties of the USMTA National Vice-Presidents shall be:

1.) Answer questions about the USMTA,  The National U.S. Team "TEAM MUAY THAI" and the 'sister' associations of the USMTA.

2.) Act in capacity of the Executive Vice President  when unable to be present at meetings with the consent of the Executive Vice President.

3.) To hold   seats on the National Committees.


It is the aim of the Association governing body to establish a group of Councils and Committees with duties, privileges and establishment as follows: The Council and Committees shall be divided in to categories as follows:

  A.) National Rules Committee:           B.) Executive Council:

   C.) National Board Of Advisors:         D.) National Directors Council:

   E.) National Representatives Committee:

   F.)   National Promoters Council:        G.) Appeals Committee:  

   H.)   National Ratings Committee         I.) Judge and Referee Council:  

    J.) Professional League Committee:    K.)  Amateur League Committee:

    L.) Regional States Council:                M.) Monitoring Committee:

2.) Each Committee/Council shall consist of not more than (5) members. Each Committee/Council shall be chaired by a Director of the Board, the Joint Association Committee shall then elect a member, according to majority vote with ballots being presented to the USMTA Executive Council, who shall then act as spokesman for the Joint Association Committee, and shall coordinate their activities. In case of a tie, the Chairman of the Executive Council may vote to break the tie.

3.) Each Committee/Council shall seek out ways and methods that will improve, competition, and working mobility within their respective fields, make recommendations to the National Rules Committee.

4.) Each Committee/Council shall seek out and develop methods of improving either conditions, training improvements, promotional development, and public awareness, submit this information to the Executive Council.

5.) Work with the State and Regional Officials of the 'sister' associations, to provide assistance for promoters and fighters alike, to help upgrade the quality of Muay Thai within the United States of America.

Regional Directors: 

It is the aim of the United States Muay Thai Association to have a Regional Director in each of the (6) six regions to represent the Association

Their duties include:

1.) Answer all questions concerning the USMTA, TEAM MUAY THAI,  and  the AMTJRA.

2.) Assist the States within the region in organizing and conducting USMTA events.

3.) Conduct and coordinate the Regional Championships with direct consultation of the Executive Consultant.

4.) Develop and conduct, with the approval of the National Rules Committee, Muay Thai events where none are in motion by the Association.

5.) Ensure compliance to the Official Rules, Regulations, Laws and Code of the Association. To promote the Association and its goals within their respective region.

6.) Administer and give consent to the actions of their Regional Representatives after consultation with the National Rules Committee and or the Executive Council.

7.) Ensure that local States conduct annual USMTA championships for both the Amateur and Professional leagues of the Association in accordance with the guidelines of the USMTA.

8.) Will hold a seat on the National Directors Council, and will act as Chairman of the Regional States Council.

9.) Shall work with the executive Council and help facilitate growth and excellence in all Muay Thai events held within their region.

10.) Shall act as a representative of the National Promoters Council.

11.) Submit reports on a quarterly basis, a report of the activities within their respective region to the National Rules Committee Chairman.

12.) Recommend sponsorship implementations to State Directors  as per consultation with the Executive Consultant.

13.) Choose acceptable Regional Representatives, after  consultation  with the Executive Council.

Rules & Regulations Dept:  DIRECTOR:   Khun Clint Heyliger


The Association desires to have a National Rules Committee, the duties and establishment shall be:

1.) The Committee will consist of all the Regional Directors, the National Chairman, the Senior Officials of the AMTJRA, USMCK, Regional Liaison Officers, no more than (3) three members who are not serving on the USMTA Board of Directors.

2.) Work with the  National Board of Advisors, and the National Chairman to establish and or amend rules for and at National, Regional and State levels.

3.) Shall meet at proposed dates to make necessary changes or amendments in the Rules, Regulations, Laws and Code, if and when need.

4.) The Chairman shall ensure that all the States and their Officials, all Regions and their Officials, National Judges and Referees are made aware of any changes in the rules.


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