...Over the years, hundreds and thousands of people have asked questions about the USMTA Emblem... 

....Below  we  answer some of those questions and give you the reasons for the  formation of this copyright protected American Muay Thai icon, and why the USMTA's  world famous emblem is so unique...?   


As President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "...Walk quietly, but carry a big stick.." Our silence has been our best weapon, and we always prefer to work in the background  letting the fighters receive the glory they deserve...  When they wear the emblem in the ring, they are stating they are a member of the National Association, when they win, no one is more proud of their triumph than me.   Arjarn Clint Heyliger President of the USMTA

The USMTA "United States Muay Thai Association" emblem is of of the first Muay Thai emblems designed in recognition of several things past and present, that have contributed to the continuation of the international sport of Muay Thai. Each part of this emblem has a meaning and a reason, and all USMTA members or users of the emblem are expected to know what the emblem signifies when ever they wear or display it. 

The USMTA emblem is the logo of the National Association for American Muay Thai, and promotes the same authority as any other American sports Association, such as the NFL, NBA, or the NHL. The USMTA emblem is also recognized in 157 nations. 

The wearing of the emblem denotes several objects; (1.)  That you are a member of the National Association, (2.) That you acknowledge the rules and regulations of the USMTA, (3.) That your event or competitors come under the protection of the USMTA and it's sister branches, (4) That your fighters are registered and are entitled to the full protection of the association.

The wearing or promotion of the emblem, does not mean that you, your school or your affiliations must change. It's function  is to promote a united front among all American Muay Thai fighters, schools, and associations, and to promote to the outside world that American Muay Thai is united, and follow the International standard regulations for the sport of Muay Thai.

The crown: is in recognition of the King's stadium "Rajadamnern Stadium" in Bangkok Thailand, and the prestige of the Association.


The Four Stars: Signify three governing branches of American Muay Thai; the USMTA,(Muay Thai) the AMTJRA  (Judge & Referee & Officials), the newly incorporated MBL (Muay Boran League), and the top  One Star is in recognition of our fallen.

The Blue Thai fighter: is in recognition of "Nai Khanom D'Thom", noted as being the first Thai fighter to compete outside boarders of  (Siam) now Thailand some 200 years ago.

USMTA logo Copyright USMTA 1990- 2008

The  Elephant: Is a symbol for "Good Luck", and also the emblem of  the King's Stadium, "Rajadamnern" Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. It is also one of the Royal symbols of H.R.H. The King of Thailand.

The Red Fighter: Is in recognition of the Late "Arjarn Chua Chakshuraksha" 1906-1982, of Thailand, who is known as the "Architect of Modern Muay Thai".


The Shield: The colors on the  shield, Red White & Blue are the joining of the  national flag of the United States of America, and the national flag of the Kingdom  of Thailand. 

The Laurel leaves: Are a symbol of growth for the association and to strive for continued excellence.



We are proud of the USMTA logos and emblems, and what it signifies, and  as our national organization motto states...

 ... We Will Never Give Up...     ...We Will Never Give In....      ...We Will  Never Forget...


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