VIDEO    (ISSUES -2005)

Listed below are the 2005 series of  Video's with fights from both  Rajadernm, Lumpinni and Cha-Cheang-Saow Stadiums;  quality is good. from Thailand's TV Ch. 3   Ch. 5  and  Ch. 9 Perfect to add to your collection of present fights from Thailand.


Volume no.80117Volume no.80120Volume no.80121Volume no.900985Volume no.90098
Jan 2005Jan 2005Jan 2005Jan 2005Feb2005
Volume no.90099Muay Thai-1Muay Thai-2Tsunami ReliefVolume no.90100
Feb 200502-13-0502-13-05Feb 12/2005Feb 2005
Volume no.90101Volume no.90103Volume no.90102Volume no.90093Volume no.90095
Feb 2005Feb 2005Feb 2005Feb 2005Feb 2005
Volume no.80117Volume no.80116K-1 MAX 2005Volume no.80122Volume no.80123
Feb 2005Feb 2005Feb 2005March-2005March-2005
Volume no.80125Volume no.K-1 WORLD GP K-1 WORLD GP Volume no.80134
March-2005March-31-2005Korea 03/19/05Paris 06/05May-2005
Volume no.90114Volume no.90116K-1 WORLD MAXVolume no.80137Volume no.91
May-2005June -15 2005June -10 2005July -15 2005July -16 2005
K-1 GRAND  PRIXVol no.100Vol no.3312005Vol no.80140Vol no.90121
JAPAN 07/19/05July -16 2005July -17 2005July -26 2005July -26 2005
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