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The new International Amateur Muay Thai organization (WAMTO) has now been organized to promote International Amateur Muay Thai, towards the Olympics. This organization is based on the original format of the former AMTAT (Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand) organized by the late Khun Bunyeun Suvantadha, Vice-President of the AMTAT before it was copied by the IAMTF and assimilated by the WMTC.

A dream of the late 'Khun Bunyeun Suvantadha', was for the sport of Amateur Muay Thai to enter the Olympics in his life time, sadly this will not come to pass. However, WAMTO plans to continue his dream and forge the way forward unrestricted by those who would appear to be dominating the sport.

Members of  WAMTO   having learned lessons from both the Europeans and Thailand, have come together to form the new  and more affirmative Amateur organization based on one representation per country as its sister organization WMTF, in regards to it's respective Amateur fighters.

As has the WMTF, WAMTO also plans to introduce an International Amateur Ranking and Ratings system and a International media expose of its ranking charts to all Martial arts publications.

WAMTO  has agreed to have one person i.e. (President), plus two representatives, i.e.  (Vice-President and Secretary) how will hold a seat on the International WAMTO board of representatives, to represent their nation in all  matters concerning International Amateur Muay Thai.

It is also planned for a nominated President and General Secretary for the WAMTO which will be rotated every three (3) years, unless it is agreed upon by all member nations, by a vote of confidence for the continued service of the present held seats.

It is agreed upon that no one nation will hold the power to dominate the sport, or to make decisions that will effect or plan to effect the International proceedings of Amateur Muay Thai. In other words, as the WMTF has stated, no one nation can dictate its terms of the sport of International Amateur Muay Thai, unless it is agreed upon by all competing nations. No organizational name change is necessary to be a member of WAMTO.

The Amateur International Book of Rules and Regulations are in process, and would no doubt be accepted, as there are very little changes from the standard regulations for the Amateur sport. However, certain changes should be expected due to the information received from the IOC (International Olympic Committee, but nothing that will adversely effect the sport.

At this moment membership to WAMTO is free, but only one Muay Thai organization from one country, after debate, will be admitted to  represent their nation.


WAMTO Membership information will be made available shortly...



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