Blue Red
1Daryl Octo 125lb B-class 3x2 (Shin-pads) Elliot Ortiz  (WIN)
 (MK Muaythai) (Sitan Gym NY)

Demko Boyd (WIN)

145lb B-class 3x2 (shin-pads) Kynyu Shen

(Maisonets Gym/ Iron Rooster)

 (Coban's Gym)
3Daniel Santiago (WIN) 155lb B-class 3x2  (Shin-pads)Ian Solano

(Maisonets Gym/ Iron Rooster)

 (The Wat NYC)
4Molly Maclane 115lb B-class 3x2 (Shin-pads)Carolann Budhu  (WIN)
 (AMA Fight Club) (Sitan Gym NY)
  153lb B-class 3x2 (Shin-pads) 
5Darnell Mickey 130lb A-class Full rules 3x2Aaron Rhodes (WIN)
 (Level Up Boxing)   (Stay Fly Muay thai)
6Jenine Pilla (WIN)112lb A-class Full Rules 3x2Katie Brady
 (8 Limbs Academy)  (Weapons 9 Gym)
7Victor De La Cruz 155lb A-class Modify 3x2Nick Lopez (WIN)
 (Square Circle New York) Rami Elite PA
8Dionys Dume (WIN)140lb A-class Full Rules 3x2Arthur Dang
  (Rajasi Muaythai) Rebel Thaiboxing
9Shawn Gorman160lb A-class Modify 3x2Al Henderson (WIN)
 (8 Limbs Academy) (Level Up Boxing)
10Jamal Kataw  (WIN) 150lb A-class Modify 3x2Princeton Williams
 (AMA Fight Club)  (Rami Elite)
11Youyung Cho(132lb A-class Full rules 3x2Michael Corona  (WIN)
 (Cornerstone Martial Arts) (Sitan Gym NY)
12Adel Hussain (WIN)120lb WC Title Full Rules 5x2Justin Troy
  Evolution Muay thai NY) (Sitan Gym NY)
13Stephen Bobinchuck  (WIN)180lb USMTA Title Full Rules 5x2Michael Joshua Ford
  (Florida Kickboxing Academy)  (Rami Elite)
14Dave Chun  (WIN)

 140lb Unification Title First Round 140lb 3x2

Rob Lin
 (Kaizen MMA )  (The Wat NYC)
15Malcolm Hill (WIN)140lb Unification Title First Round 140lb 3x2Ulbino Guzman
  (The Institute)  (Kings Combat Fitness)
16Ethan Geffen140lb Unification Title First Round 140lb 3x2Chanon Kuldraree (WIN)
  (Ringsport Muaythai)   (Stamford Fight Club)

                  Stephen Bobinchuck From the Florida Kickboxing Academy, poses with his 180lb championship belt on Saturday night in Queens New York.

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