Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reiter

 Ms. Alexsandra Granovskaya and  Mr. Robert S. Reiter finally tie the knot.   September 28th 2008 in the Astoria Restaurant  and Caterers,  Brooklyn.  Most of the top  people in New York Muay Thai were there. Those that couldn't  be there  sent there  very  best  from around the U.S. and  The  world  wishing the  new  Mr. and Mrs. Reiter all  the very best for their very long and glorious future.

It was a  long  time  coming as  both  parties have  has a long  and steady  relationship. Alexsandra   foreign editor to Muaythaimes and Robert  met  several  years ago. From then on their friendship blossomed into love.

Bob and Alexsandra are always seen together at  many of the  Muay Thai events  especially  in New York, where they both cover the bouts for  Muaythaimes the  magazine. So seeing them together as husband and wife  is no suprise to many.

 Love  really  does  Conquer All...

The USMTA presents its very best wishes for the future of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reiter.


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