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Written by Tony Moore in remembrance to Por Kruh Samai

Well it just so happens that I have a very good friend in Thailand who works for the Crown Property Office. I contacted my friend and asked if it would be possible for him to come along to Buddhai Swan with me and also to give me a letter of introduction. We went back to the school and I was lucky enough for Arjarn Samai to accept me as a student.

The Buddhai Swan being steeped in tradition and adhering strictly to the old ways, the student must go through an Induction Ceremony. This began with prayers and offerings to the sacred shrines at the school. And the reciting of the pledge by the student to be faithful; to the art, the school, the head teacher and all the students. The student is then asked to drink holy water from the shrine. This is from a huge urn in which all swords from great warriors and teachers of the school are immersed. It is said that if one breaks the vow, any bad thing the student does will return to him ten-fold. The same is said if anybody dares to harm a student of Buddhai Swan.

After the ceremony the student is taken away to learn the dance known as Yodt Kru (the acceptance dance). Then the training began.  My allotted time was from 11am to 4.30pm every day but some days I would stay at the school until 6pm.  At the end when I was to say my farewells to Arjarn Samai and his family, I was told I would be awarded Red Sash (Instructor Grade).  

 Can you imagine the thrill; all I had wanted was to just visit the school. And then to train at the school but here I was an accepted member and representative for the school. This was my introduction to Arjarn Samai and the Buddhai Swan School. Since then I have had many opportunities to learn at the school, to get to know the history of both Arjarn Samai and the founding of the school. I would like to take you now into a world of wars and battles, mysticism, spirits, heroism and sacrifice which is interwoven with the story of Buddhai Swan.

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Tony Moore Por Kru Samai & wife

Por Kruh Samai training with students at the Buddhai Sawan


Por Kruh Samai, Tony Moore & Steve Wilson with gold sash rank

British Krabi Krabong demonstration team

Por Kru Samai's coffin lays in state


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