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Written by Tony Moore in remembrance to Por Kruh Samai

Passers- by stopped to ask him what he was doing. He explained that he would soon be opening a sword fighting training school named after the historically famous "Buddhai Swan." In a short time people began to train there and news travelled quickly about the Great Grand Master with knowledge of the full system of the Nation’s self defence and traditional martial arts. Just as in the past, many high-ranking army and police officers became students of the school.  As the school’s fame spread, wealthy benefactors presented themselves to Por Kru wishing to become Patrons of the Institute. Very soon their contributions helped to re-construct a purpose-built school dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Thailand and to helping promote Krabi Krabong worldwide.

In 1956, His Majesty the King of Thailand presented Buddhai Swan with their own Standard. This flag was awarded to the school for their dedication in educating people in the Thai weapons and culture of their Nation. On 6th November 1957, Buddhai Swan received legal permission from the Ministry of Education to promote traditional Thai Fighting Arts and to organise Krabi Krabong worldwide. Por Kru has since been honoured many times by the Thai Nation. Two of his most coveted awards were presented to him on behalf of His Majesty the King.

The first for his dedication to the art of Krabi Krabong and second to "A real Thai Person" meaning polite and humble, and also for "Helping the Thai people to know more about their ancient methods of fighting which had saved Thailand from invasion many times". This was the first time in the country’s history that such an award had been presented. The Buddhai Swan School has always been in great demand to give demonstrations and perform re-enactments of famous battles, often for the Royal family of Thailand.

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photo by L. Cotte III 1995

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Photo C.Heyliger 1995

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Arjarn Werayut Mashamana, son of Por Kru will now continue the work of his fater at the Buddhai Sawan


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