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Written by Tony Moore in remembrance to Por Kruh Samai

  It was Buddhai Swan who gave the spectacular demonstration of the re-taking of Ayuddhaya, which actually took place in the ancient ruins of that city, during the state visit to Thailand of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England in 1997.  This was a great feat of organisation and choreography, all arranged by Por Kru Samai and his family. This demonstration has since been shown on TV all over the world.  How to describe Por Kru, the person? I can only reflect upon my own experiences and one particular incident that comes to mind.

Por Kru had invited me to come to Thailand to train with the Buddhai Swan students as they prepared for a demonstration to be performed before Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. During my training at the school I was taken seriously ill with food poisoning and spent most of the day lying in bed. Por Kru’s son Kru Werayut told me, that it would be better for me to go to the hotel and get some antibiotics from a pharmacy. I took this advice and left for my hotel. 

The next day saw me really sick and unable to leave my room. I needed to get better and quickly. After a full day spent trying to recover, I returned to the school. First to greet me was Por Kru Samai, who told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be able to give the demonstration because I had missed an important day of training. Por Kru then retired to his room – no more said! Steve Wilson from the USA had also been invited to give the demonstration.

 He felt that it was a hard decision and was sorry for me because I had put so much into the demo. "It’s Ok" I said "I’ll just have to work harder today". I trained all day with no breaks just a sip of water now and again. Steve worked with me and when he felt tired he took a break during which I continued to train staying on and training well into the night.  After a time, Por Kru came from his room and said "Show me the demonstration". Steve and I did our thing. "Good" said Por Kru "Tomorrow training for demonstration".

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photo by T. Moore 1996

photo by T. Moore 1995

photo by T. Moore 1995

photo by T. Moore 1995

photo by T. Moore 1995

Students of the Buddhai Sawan Institute demonstrate the art of Krabi Krabong in front of Thailands Prime Minister.

photo by T. Moore 1995


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