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Written by Tony Moore in remembrance to Por Kruh Samai

  I thanked him. I knew it would have been pointless pleading illness because I had missed an important day of training Ė after all you canít call a war off for a day because you feel sick! The only way to prove you really wanted to be part of the team was through hard work.

Anyway I did give the demo and also spent five days as a member of the Thai Army. This to me sums up the nature of Por Kru, hard but infinitely fair. The only way you earned something was through sheer hard work and perseverance. Today, I am a 9th degree Gold Sash, the highest award you can receive from the Buddhai Swan.

All this has been possible because of my Father-Teacher, who called me his son and allowed me and granted permission for me to carry the name of Buddhai Swan. I will be forever grateful to Por Kru Samai Mashamana who on 28th August 1998 passed away and in his own inimitable manner donated his body to science. 

This was the story of Por Kru Samai Mashamana, a unique man who has earned more than just a mention in the History of the Martial Arts.

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 photo by T. Moore 1996

photo by C. Heyliger 1996


photo by L.Cotte III 1995    photo by K. Moore 1997; T Moore recieves his gold sash 9th grade   photo by K. Moore 1997   photo by K. Moore 1997   photo by K. Moore 1997   photo by L. Cotte III 1995

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