Historical trivia on Thai & Siamese everyday things

Did you know that.. Ancestors of the Siamese cat came from China, but their earliest mention is at the Royal court at Ayutthaya in 1350.

Did you know that.. All statues of the Buddha are leased from their makers because the image, considered too sacred to have material value, can never be "bought' or sold".

Did you know that.. In Phitsanulok's Night Market, morning glory green's are sauteed in a wok tossed 65 feet into the air, then caught on a serving dish by a waiter poised on a nearby rooftop.

Did you know that.. White elephants called " Chang Puak or strange colored" are traditionally the very auspicious and revered property of royalty. They can have any of seven skin colors but must have white eyes, palate, testicles and toenails.

Did you know that.. Bird's -nest specialties served in Chinese restaurants throughout the world are made from the spittle of the Swallow  bird and harvested in caves of the Island of Ko Pi Pi, and islands of Chumphon, Thailand.

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