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U. S. Regulations

for Muay Chao Cherk

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USMTA Fighter Registration:                                

Fighters License                             Muay Chao Cherk R & R Form 

Fighter Registration is a "Must" for all competing Muay Chao Cherk Fighters. Registration consist of;  USMTA Official embroidered patch,  USMTA  Information pack,   laminated  Fighters License card,  up dates  on up coming events,   seminars, fights, plus much  more, via your Email or by normal  postal. You will also receive discounts on items for purchase on USMTA products.  Yearly Fighter registration fee U.S. $12 Dollars.

Why should A Fighter register?

Registering your self as a competitive Muay Chao Cherk Fighter is a sure way of having your fight status recorded and promoted via the fighters database. We keep your record up to date with your help, registration as a fighter becomes apparent.

Your Information is promoted on the Website and through other means, allowing Muay Thai promoters International or National,  the opportunity to view your record and could give you the chance to compete in International events, gaining you an International fight record. But it is up to you to forward your information, fight record and bio, photograph and fight status. (...We can't promote you if we don't know you..!!)

The Fighters Registration is a sure way of confirming your fight record and your capabilities,  documented and certified via the database, and is "less than 3 cents a day" and could be viewed by up to 30 million internet users.

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