U.S. Chao Cherk fighter

Muay Chao Cherk

American Standard Fighting Uniform

U.S. Chao Cherk Fighter



The uniform for Muay Chao Cherk consists of Black knee length shorts with sash loops:

Black shorts are used for all U.S. standard events. A color trim on the shorts legs can be of any color the club or camp desires. The sash loops are to hold either a Red sash or Blue sash for either ring corner when entering competitions


Standard white boxers hand wraps are to be used in all Muay Chao Cherk events. The hand wraps must be securely taped down, but allowing free movement of the fingers, and must cover a minimum of (2) to (3) three inches of the wrist.


As is standard under the fight guidelines of the USMTA ‘Groin protectors’ and ‘Boxer gum protectors’ must be used in all Muay Chao Cherk competitions.

KRUANG RUANG & MONKRON (Sacred head band):

As part of the Muay Chao Cherk uniform and keeping with Thai tradition, a Kruang Ruang or arm tie on the biceps can be worn, the sacred Monkron is worn only during the ceremonial Ram Muay and Wai Kruu, and is removed before the bout begins.


The standard Thai ankle protector can be worn by either fighter, but is not compulsory.

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