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This style born in the Ayuthaya Period when King Narai was on the throne. At this time a lot of foreigners were working with the King, so it is believed that Ajarn Muun Men Mat learned deadly skills from them.

The typical stance of Muay Lopburi looks almost identical to that of a western boxer around the 1900's, the classic upright stance with both arms extended outwards, both forearms pointing forwards. This style is based in very accurate and deadly punches. The most dangerous weapons of Muay Lopburi were the upper cuts to the opponents adam's apple and the thumb strikes to the eyes. This style was nominated as one of the most clever and tricky styles of the era. Sometimes the boxers would fake an injury waiting for an opportunity to attack. Some say that this style was part of another style called "Muay Paak Klang" or the central style.

Muay Lopburi wrapped the arm only halfway in cotton twine, and sometimes no wraps were used.

Sadly, this style has been lost completely. The premier Ajarn (teacher) of this dangerous style was called "Muun Men Mat", meaning "Ten Thousand Accurate Punches". Legend has it that Ajarn Muun Men Mat didn't teach Thai people his art because in one of his last fights he killed a man with a fatal blow. After this he decided to stop teaching and lived in a Buddhist Temple helping Monks. This was in the Ayuthaya Period.

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