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The Official Millennium Flag of Celebration 2000 TM

The World is having a Party...

'The USMTA and Team Muay Thai 2000

will be there'    ...Will you...?


The Millennium is around the corner, and the USMTA's "Team Muay Thai 2000" will be there, courtesy of the Millennium 2000 Foundation. The Millennium 2000 Foundation  and the United States Muay Thai Association are planning to be part of the beginning of this new era. The USMTA will begin by organizing the  U.S. National Muay Thai Boxing team, to take part in the celebrations. Acknowledged by the Millennium 2000 Foundation, members of 'Team Muay Thai 2000' will represent the United States in the majority of the  International and World Championships planned for the beginning of this new millennium.

To help promote the USMTA's Team 2000, a flag signing program and the raising of the Official Millennium 2000  flags all over the nation will commence as soon as possible, to help raise funds to support not only the National team, but for all the American Muay Thai events which will produce the teams of the next century.

Remember, there will never be an event  like this for the next 'One thousand years'.  there will never be an event  like this for the next 'One thousand years'. 

   Become a major part in American and world martial art history, and don't let a great opportunity to promote your school, your students and your sport  slip by.  USMTA members and schools are asked to contribute to the teams by flying the Official Millennium 2000 flag at their training facilities and in their schools, and  to help promote projects which will raise funds for the teams.

   The Millennium 2000 Foundation   Blue flags and White flags which come in three sizes;  3' x 5',  4' x 6', and 5' x 8' and are reasonably priced. This is a great way to show that you took part in the celebrations and contributed to this international phenomenon which is sweeping the globe.

USMTA proudly display their Millennium 2000 flag after they were invited as  guests to the flag raising ceremony in the City of Paterson New Jersey, by Mayor Martin G. Barnes on November 5th 1998.

The banner of the Millennium 2000 hangs out side the City Hall of Paterson, New Jersey during the flag raising ceremony presided by the Mayor of Paterson  the Hon. Martin G. Barnes. November 5th 1998

Join one of the first American   martial art organizations to be acknowledged by the Millennium 2000 Foundation, in its contribution to the safety and protection of the sporting youth of America. Show your true colors and join us in this once in a life time celebration.

By flying the flag at your school, your community and friends will see that you contributed to making the  'United States National Muay Thai Team' of the new millennium, and helped to bring our sport one step closer to the dream of the USMTA  founders, "Olympic recognition" for Muay Thai.  Join us in celebrating the next millennium.

The millennium 2000 flag was raised in England for the first time at the US v UK event on November 28th 1998, the event promoted by master Boon, and sanctioned  by the BTBC, was also seen by the Thai Embassador of England, got excellent reviews by all.

...The USMTA will be there.... will you?

For further information on Team Muay Thai 2000, The USMTA National Association banner, and the Team Muay Thai  Flag and other Team 2000 related products; contact the USMTA. For information on the Millennium 2000 Foundation, or on how you can take part in the celebrations click on any of  the 2000 logos.

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