May  17th-2008


 by Miguel “Wufang” Rivera

Pitbull Promotions along with Kru William Rivera and The United States Muay Thai Association  return to The Fight House with their third installment of Muay Thai Madness. 

Match 1 (142lbs Limit)

Richard Callado (Ardons Sweet Science) Vs Eddie (Sitan Gym)

First round both fighters start off slow. Eddie does work in the clinch. Richard  who is more relaxed ,tries to pick his shots comes out hard at the end of the first round. Second round Richard comes out stronger landing the cleaner more effective shots and working the clinch very well. Third round Eddie was a little gassed but gave all he had while Richard still had some pump in him at the end of three Richard would get the Marjority decision.


Match 2 (150lbs Limit)

Stoney Morales (Extreme Muay Thai) Vs Artur Yakubov  (Bars Boxing Gym)

Stoney controlled the clinch the entire match. In the past Stoney’s clinch was his weakness but tonight he showed what hard work and practice is all about hammering out the kink in his armor.  Artur fought with all that he had and deserves to be commended for his efforts but it was Stoney’s sheer dominance that would help him get the decision.




Match 3  (167lbs Limit)

Naim Mehemdovic (ardons sweet science) Vs Dabo Dijedy (Master Bakary ‘s Gym)

Both fighters took their time circling eachother looking  for an opening. Dabo landed very clean kicks while Naim landed the more effective punches.  In the second round Dabo was  a little more cautious while Naim pushed the pace.  In the final round, Naim lands a one two combo that sends Dabo flying into the ropes.  Naim continues to press the attack Dabo although fading still fights with all he has left and at the end of three Naim gets the majority decision.


Match 4 (167lbs Limit)

Henry Lee ( Lions Roar Muay Thai) Vs Chris Benford (Fatjos MMA)

Chris comes out pretty strong throwing crisp hand combinations, Henry maintains his cool and lands a crisp hook that stuns Chris but Chris is able to weather the storm and continues to fight through the round continuing to push the action. In the next round Chris pushes the fight to a somewhat tired Henry landing very good combinations and dominating the clinch.  In the final round, Chris continues his assault on a gassed but game Heny Lee. The ref stops this one after seeing Henry take too much punishment in the third round winner by Tko Chris Benford.


Match 5 (Kickboxing  Exhibition 130lbs limit)

Robinson Tobon (America’s finest kickboxing gym) Vs Akamal Narziev ( Bars Boxing Gym)

First round slugfest neither fighter being able to cease the upper hand but neither backing down either. Second round was pretty much the same as the first. In the final round neither fighter showed any signs of slowing down and both left everything they had in the ring. 


Match 6 (154lbs Limit)

Turan Hasanov (Borodin's Muay Thai) Vs Max Chen (William C.C. Tai Chi Chuan)

Explosive first round both fighters showing poise and very good technique both landing very good combinations. Max catches a push kick from Turan and cracks Turan with a hook that sends Turan to the canvas. Turan gets back up gathers his wits and continues on. In the second round both fighters continue to show why they both deserve to  be in there. Max continues to push the fight while Turan has a difficult time trying to solve the Max Chen riddle. Max puts on a show for the fans throwing jump spinning back kicks and at the end of three action packed rounds Max Chen gets the decision.


Match 7 (130lbs limit)

Darrius Allen (Extreme Muay Thai) Vs  Joshua Geller (Borodin's Muay Thai)

Very close fight to call its always great to see the young  fighters get in there and bang it out. Joshua pushed  the paced and landed lots of elbows and knees in the clinch as well as punch kick combinations   Darrius was no slouch also damage in the clinch as well as in the striking .  At the end of three  Joshua would get the win.  


Match 8 (165lbs Limit)

Brent Bartley (Team Renzo) Vs Valentine Strata Chuk (Borodin's Gym)

Another action packed match from beginning to end. Brent came into the ring chiseled and composed. Valentine excited and confident, the four ingredients needed to put on a very good fight. In what seemed like a battle of skill over brawn both fighters showed very good technique and the courage to win. Brent landed very crisp kicks to the body and teased Valentine to the head a few times.   Valentine put together very good combination and in spite of being smaller than Brent showed no signs of intimidation and pushed the fight to Brent.  Both fighters let it all hang out but at the end of the Valentine would get the decision.


Match 9 (170lbs Limit)

Elijah Clarke (Evolution Muay Thai) Vs Albert Avany (Borodin's Gym)

Action packed first round for both fighters. The two circle one another looking for the opening Elijah opens up with a serious head kick that is blocked by Albert. Both fighters continue through the round both landing effective hand and feet combinations. In the second round both fighters continued to battle, neither seeming to get the upper hand both continuing to show why they deserve to be in that ring tonight. Final round was the same both fighters left everything they had in hopes to having their hand raised and at the end of three the winner Elijah Clarke by split decision.


Match 10 (165lbs Limit)

Claude Paul ( Extreme Muay Thai) Vs Aaron Sifflet (Americas Fines kickboxing

Claude comes out hard and surprises  Aaron with a crisp combination. Aaron stays cool and tries fire back but Claudes forward attack was too strong for Aaron.  In the heat of the battle of the second round, the ref went to break the fighters and while breaking Aaron hits Claude with a hook that knocks Claude out. The fight is stopped and Claude Paul is declared winner by DQ.


Action packed night of fights all the fighters deserve their props for stepping into the office and handling their business.


Look forward to the next show in July and the super show in September......


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