February 28th, New York City.


 The Nights Winners

1) Mohammed Lengerdine

2) Yuting Hong

3) William Espinal

4) Carlos Rodrigues

5) Arjang Jemeh

6) Bill Pesce

7) Simon G

8) Miguel Rivera

Pitbull Promotions - in conjunction  with Lions Roar Promotions




Jaffer Pasmezai   2-1140lbsMohammed Lengerdine 3-0

Underground Gym

 Americas Finest Kickboxing

Vinny Hui   0-0155lbsYuting Hong 1-0
Camp Undefeated William Chen TaiChai

William Espinal 2-2135lbsArthur Soursor 3-1
Sitan Gym Americas Finest Kickboxing

Tom Ni    0-0140lbsCarlos Rodrigues    0-0
Camp Undefeated The Pit Gym

Arjang Jemeh   1-0165lbsAngel Flores  0-0
Camp Undefeated The Pit Gym

Bill Pesce  0-0145lbsSantos Escrababo 1-0
Ultimate Gym CT Kickboxing Academy

Simon G  1-0220lbs Ali Musa
Church Street Boxing ITC Gym

Hiroaki Sumikura   1-2135lbsMiguel Rivera 3-2
5 Points Gym Next Generation MT  Gym

Photos by Ari Ress


Malik Kamara of Cool Heart Muay Thai In PA Super Middle weight Division. Sergio Aguirre of 5  Points Fitness in NY

Will Espinol of Sitan Muay Thai in Long Island City; Men's Amateur Welterweight. Richard Collado of Ardon's Sweet Science in Brooklyn

Dalaeja Foreman of Extreme Muay Thai & MMA in Valley Stream; Amateur Womens Fly Weight. Anjelica Ferguson of 5 Points Fitness in NY

Claude Paul of Extreme's Muay Thai & MMA in Valley Stream; Amateur Men Junior Middleweight, of Turan Hasanov of Borodin's Muay Thai in Brooklyn.

Cheda of AMA Muay Thai in NJ; Men's  Middleweight division. Arang Jemeh of Israel's Fight Camp

George Trastellis of Extreme Muay Thai & MMA in Valley Stream Men; Super Middleweights. Andrew Condron Sitan Muay Thai in Long Island City.

Charlie Erikson of Lions Roar Muay Thai in the Bronx. Men's Cruiser Weight Division. Gus Contreras of AMA Muay Thai in NJ

Shane Donahue of  Cool Hearts in PA; Men's Lightweight Division. Ihroadlo Sumikora of 5 Points Fitness in NY

Bryan Edwards of Cool Hearts Muay Thai in PA; Men Heavyweight division. Diango Cisse of Gleasons Gym Fitness in Brooklyn


Matchmaker Kru Willie Rivera, Right, with Protege


The nights Officials were:  George Perno,  Bakary Susoho, Joel Ordonez . Referee for the event Joel Bekker,  Time keeper Eddie Corez.


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