....The Elite MCC  (Muay Chaat Cherk) Championship, Charlotte, NC. May 2009....

USMTA MMC Christopher Clodefelter Champ.       

North Carolina in June, the Elite Championship Cage fighting will bring you one of the most exciting events to hit the Charlotte area. MMA and Muay Thai Champion Chris Clodfelter will take on Jason “da pitbull” Nicholson in an exciting Main Event Title fight for the

USMTA Muay Chaat Cherk  (MMA) Lightweight Title. Clodfelter is a fierce Muay Thai fighter who recently won the Circle of Fury Pro Welterweight World MMA Title and Nicholson is a smooth Jiu Jitsu player who wants this opportunity…

Here are the  results: June 6th 2009

Muay Thai Kickboxing specialist Chris Clodfelter won the USMTA Pro Mixed Martial Arts Title Saturday night June 6th at the Millennium Center in downtown Winston. 

Chris fought against a very tough Jason “Da Pitbull” Nicholson who recently came off an impressive fight with former Elite XC stand out Mushin Colbrey.  As the bell rang both fighters circled each other setting up their move when out of no where Clodfelter whipped out a lighting fast head kick that landed flush on Nicholsons temple.  Then Chris threw 2 more hard leg kicks that made Nicholson want to get the fight to the ground fast, as Jason shot in for a takedown Clodfelter secured a tight front guillotine choke and made “Da pitbull” Tap out from the submission at the 30 second mark of the very first round. 


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