Buddhai Sawan Rank, Grades, & Sash Colors

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Yellow Sash / Grade One (See Lhung)Yellow & Blue Sash  / Grade Two (See Lhueng /See Fah)Blue Sash / Grade Three (See Fah)Red Sash/ Grade Four (See Daeng)
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Silver Sash/ Grade Five (See Ngem)Gold Sash / 1st. Degree (See Thong with 1 stripe)Gold Sash / 2nd. Degree (See Thong with 2 stripe)Gold Sash / 3rd. Degree (See Thong with 3 stripe)
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Gold Sash / 4th Degree (See Thong with 4 stripe)Gold Sash / 5th Degree (See Thong with 5 stripe)Gold Sash / 6th Degree (See Thong with 6 stripe)Gold Sash / 7th Degree (See Thong with 7 stripe)
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Gold Sash / 8th Degree Grand master (See Thong with 8 stripe)Gold Sash / 9th Degree Grand master (See Thong with 9 stripe)Gold Sash / 10th Degree Prince of Thailand Only (See Thong with 10 stripe)Gold Sash /  11th Degree King of Thailand Only.


A Sash grade guide of the Buddhai Swan was corrected and confirmed by the late Grandmaster Arjarn Samai; according to Arjarn Samai the   highest graded student outside of Thailand holding Gold Sash Ninth Degree is Arjarn Tony Moore of England followed by  Gold Sash  Eighth Degree Arjarn Stephen Wilson of the USA, and  Gold Sash Seventh Degree Arjarn Jason Webster and Arjarn Vincent Giordano of the USA. According to traditions of the Buddhai Sawan, the highest graded students should be addressed as 'Pichai' (Elder brother) and should be given the proper respect.

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