Saturday, May 15th 2010


Event sanctioned by USMTA  and held at the World Gym in Rochester New York.


1.) Huan Chen ( Empire Academy) defeated    Max Shaver - unanimous decision

2.) James Gleason (Curtis Tillman MMA) defeated   Andrew Koscielski  (Ultimate Combat & Conditioning) - KO

3.) Matt Bordonaro (Western NY MMA)  defeated   Dillion Thomas (Louth Kickboxing) - KO

4.) Eric Noble (Victory Muay Thai) defeated Dustin Hortan (Empire Academy) -KO

5.) Jordan Prince (Kanata MMA) defeated Alex Samuel  (Ultimate Combat & Conditioning) - KO

6.) Souhail Rostainajad (Blue Dragon Muay Thai) defeated Roberto Tito Gonzalez (Team Tomma) unanimous

7.) Quentin Barrozzi  (Mountain Storm)  defeated Don Burns (Louth Kickboxing) - KO

8.) Travis Rivers (Empire Academy) defeated Jose Torres (Ultimate Combat & Conditioning) - KO

9.) Mike Olds ( Louth Kickboxing) defeated Gary Bonspille (Curtis Tillman MMA) - unanimous

10.) Dan Ford (Vision Quest Muay Thai) defeated Cody Smith (Kanata) Disqualification

11.) Max Arevalo (Curtis Tillman) defeated Matt Alexander (Blue Dragon Muay Thai) - Split decision

12.) Jake Pustalka ( World Gym) defeated Joe Ellinger ( Fusion MMA) - unanimous decision

13.) Jesse LaBounty (Freestyle MMA) defeated Brian Jacques (Vision Quest Muay Thai) - unanimous decision

14.) Todd Nolan (Kanata) defeated Chris Nicodemi (Ultimate Combat & Conditioning) - unanimous decision

15.) Edgaro Pabon ( Bedroc MMA) defeated Jarret McBride ( World Gym) - - Split decision

16.) Mike Shiffhauer ( Louth Kickboxing) defeated Nick Justiniano (IbukeDo) - unanimous decision

17.) Scott Hill (World Gym) defeated  Peter Grajcar (Kanata) - unanimous decision

18.) Christian Nunez ( Empire Academy)  defeated Josh Lange (Flint Island) - Split decision


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