Listed below is a prelude to  several upcoming Thai language movies for our Thai speaking brethren. These movies are excellent historical reference for all students of Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong  or other  Thai martial arts. These movies are not subtitled and are in Thai language.

Queen Suriyothai  (Vol. -1 ) Queen Suriyothai (Vol-2)Bang-Rajan.  


The epic 2 volume story of one of Thailand's most famous and revered Queens, Suriyathai. Excellent movie with authentic uniforms and weapons and great battle scenes depicting the harsh reality of war, death, murder and intrigue. Great movie for weapons and historical buffs...


The true historical story of the heroic Siamese Village warriors of Bang Rajan and their stand against the 100,000 man army of Burmese  King Mangra.  This epic story set in 1763, where these famous village warriors ( Men and women) held of King Mangra's army for 6 months slowing down  their march on to the Siamese City of Ayutthaya.


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