February 6th,  2010, Hawaii



Tiger Muay Thai hosted a Spar‐A‐Thon fundraiser on February 6th 2010. The fundraiser was raising money to provide scholarships for students under the age of 18 years old. It was a very successful event. Three schools participated, Tiger Muay Thai, M1, and Nanakuli kickboxing.

The crowd was introduced to our three “munchkins”, D’Asha, Elijah, and Dominick. The three demonstrated some of the basic Muay Thai moves, Teep, Roundhouse, and everyone’s favorite, the clinch. Then our teens stepped in the ring to take the demonstration up a level and showed more extensive Thai pad work. Arthur from M1 and his student Rob took to the ring for their demonstration of Thai pad work.

Tiger Muay Thai finished the demonstration portion with Nate and Jay‐ar competing who could get the most roundhouse kicks in 30 seconds. It was a close call and the audience chose Nate. The crowd was impressed with all 8 Muay Thai matches.

It was a great opportunity for all whom participated. For many, it was their first time sparring someone from a different school and in front of a crowd.

Other bouts that competed that night between Mackenzie vs M1,  Rob vs Nate and Lars vs Mike.Mustache vs Digit

Rob vs Moffett

Leah vs Nicole


M1 vs Naomi

Christian vs Brandon


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