Tiger Muay Thai Gym December 4, 2010



Ryan  v       Bryer

808 Boxing gym   Tiger Muay Thai

Gaven    v       Brandon

808 Boxing gym   Tiger Muay Thai

Gill    v       Tyler

808 Boxing gym   Tiger Muay Thai

On December 4th, Tiger Muay Thai held an exhibition Muay Thai and Boxing match.  Instead of charging admission at the door attendees were asked to bring an unwrapped gift for the 2010 Toys for Tots drive.   It was a successful event, the marines in attendance were able to take a box and a half a toys back with them to separate and give out to families and children. "It's great that Doug and Naomi put this event together for the families of Hawaii.  You hardly see that from fight groups and promotions anymore," said one of the participating gyms. "We're happy to put this event together and have great fans who, without hesitation, brought great gifts for the kids," said Doug, owner and Kru of Tiger Muay Thai.  "We would like to thank the participating gyms, Team Up and Up and 808 Boxing and our sponsor Hawaiian Fight Gear.  We are looking forward to next year.  We hope to have more gyms participating." Without a doubt families and children will benefit from the generosity of the Muay Thai fans who attended the Toys for Tots Fight at Tiger Muay Thai.

Leo    v       Rog

808 Boxing gym   Tiger Muay Thai

 Lt to Rt: Keith, " Harley" Eugene, Doug Front: Kaino

Kaino and Doug


One hellova Bike..!!

Kaino and Naomi


36th Annual Street Bikers United Toy Ride December 5,2010 Magic Island to Kapiolani Community College  Several of the students from Tiger Muay Thai, along with Kru Doug, Naomi, and son Kainoa participated in the 96th Annual Street Bikers United Toy Rids.  This toy run is one of the largest events of the Toys for Tots season.   The students and bike clubs met at Magic Island.  They made their way down Kalakaua Ave. through Waikiki to Kapiolani Community College, where the Marines collected the donations to the Toys for Tots.


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