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 Kru Suuan Paulo Tocha, became a Senior Vice President, and Regional Director CA., of the U.S.M.T.A. in 1993- present. U.S.M.T.A. International representive, member of W.M.T.C., A.M.T.A.T., E.M.T.U.

 Kru Suuan Paulo Tocha, has featured in such movies as: Blood Sport, Blood In Blood Out, Dusted, Stone Cold, Wrong bet, and several more documented movies...

Fight Name: "Lemb"



Kru Suuan Paulo Tocha is one of California's most highly regarded instructors for Muay Thai fighters . Qualified as an instructor by the Thailand (Sithanikul Camp) a Senior Vice President of the USMTA.

Born in South Africa of Portuguese descent, Paulo trained in Thailand because he wanted to learn "real" Muay Thai. Through his determination and fortitude he was accepted as a student in Thailand  at the Sithani Kul Camp which at that time was not an easy task for a  foreigner. Currently.  When Paulo's trainers thought he was ready to compete, he got fights which was a first for a Westerner.

He was given the fighting name of "Lemb", which means a thick piece of bamboo cut very sharply at an angle. It's commonly used in traps and for hunting. When a fighter receives a name, it just kind of happens, with the trainer choosing the name and it sticks to the fighter throughout his career. So, "Lemb" had a very respectable career as a fighter with many of his fights being underground matches which are truly brutal and separate the boys from the men.

From Thailand, Paulo traveled to the People's Republic of China where he was once again the first foreigner to fight and win in an International televised event. The fight was an International event with many Thais, Brits and Canadians competing.   Paulo tries to encourage the proper promotion of Muay Thai in America and to eventually show the rest of the World that the United States can be a competitive force in Thai Boxing.

  Kru Suuan Tocha moved to Los Angeles, California where he continues his acting career and an instructor of Thai martial arts.

Paulo is still regarded as one of America's top instructors of authentic Muay Thai  and a great tribute to Muay Thai


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