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Instuctors with unique experiences and their unique training methods make this Academy one of a kind in its field.  With 8'000 sq feet of training area, this private training facility generally caters to Law Enforcement Officers, Professional Bodyguards, Security Personnel, Anti Terrorist Personnel, Martial Art Instructors, Professional ring fighters and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Academy also welcomes beginners.

The Academy specializes in providing unarmed as well as armed (in selected weapons) combat training to its members. Most of its combat training is based on the old form of Muay Thai and Boar Bando. 

This unique combination of these two arts are thought to be the ultimate in unarmed combat systems. MTAI is believed to be the only training center in this country which offers a fighting system that incorporates both of these deadly fighting styles.

The Academy does not believe in group instruction. All students are taught on a one-to-one basis. Even though the members are encouraged to train together to sharpen their skills.

 The school does not promote a ranking system and treats all of its individual according to their personal needs.

The Academy is open 7 days a week and offers 18 training sessions at different hours throughout the week to suit your schedule. The Academy also offers seminars on specialized subjects and topics of advanced combat concepts and training throughout the year. 

Due to sensitive topics, some of these seminars are 'closed door seminars' and are open to Academy members and invites. International Institute of Professional Executive Protection (IIPEP) provides diploma certified intensive training courses in executive protection and professional body guarding several times a year.

Besides this, the institute also provides numerous other diploma certified training courses. Some of which are specifically geared towards licensing instructors. Individuals interested in seminars, training courses, and license certifications, are requested to inquire personally.

MTAI is a private training center. All admissions are given at the sole discretion of the Academy Administration. Applicants interested in enrolling in the Academy must be over the age of 18 and present proper documents of identification or references as requested by the administration. 

Due to the extremely serious and sensitive nature of training that MTAI and the IIPEP provides, the Academy reserves the right to refuse training to anyone.

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Muay Thai: Traditional Thai Boxing techniques, strategy, and concepts.

Muay Thai & Boar Bando: A unique blend of traditional Thai Boxing and Burmese Boar Bando Fighting Techniques Concepts, and Strategy. Highly Street Effective.

Street fighting: A definitely one of its kind seminar where the participants decide the course contents and select their own streetfighting scenarios.

Streetfighting & any combination of #1 & #2:

Women's Street Combat: A seminar that is custom tailored to the unique needs of the women. Paying careful attention to present trend of street and domestic crimes.

Women's Street Combat & Escape: This seminar specifically deals with street crimes.

Terrorist Profile & Threat Assessment (Theory Only): A highly enlightening and educating seminar that deals with present domestic and international crimes scenes and how to avoid them.

Terrorist Profile & "Special Forces" Combat Techniques: This workshop shows specific techniques used by anti-terrorist forces and hostage rescue unit of South East Asian countries.

Instuctors "Only" Seminars: These seminars deals with advanced combat concepts and techniques for instructor level Martial Artists.

Advanced Martial Artist's Combat Strategy: Advanced Combat Concepts, Techniques and Strategy for advanced level Martial Artists.

Executive's Street Defiance & Counter Kidnapping: These seminars deal specifically with the problems that today's Corporate Executive faces in domestic as well as international environment dealing specifically with kidnapping.

Law Enforcement & Security Armed & Unarmed Combat: These seminars are specifically designed for Law Enforcement and High Risk Security Personnel.

Kali-Silat: The traditional arts of Kali and Silat, their Techniques, Concepts and Strategy.

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Fight Name: "Wild Cat"

Advanced Executive Protection/ Body guarding: A highly intensive and thorough training course specifically designed to create the quality, integrity, and skills required to excel in the highly demanding and lucrative field of Professional Executive Protection / Body guarding. 

Basic Executive Protection / Bodybguarding: This course is most ideal for low to medium risk level security personnel such as, Bouncers, Security Personnel, and Martial Arts.

Stick & Knife Combat:

Instructor Level Fighting Strategy & Combat

"Street fighting" Strategy & Combat

Instructor Certification.

Kru Suuan Nirmalya Bhowmick started his martial art training at the age of 12 in India. His first areas of studying were Hsin Chan and Calaripayattu which are taught by very few instructors in the world today.

 Nirmalya started his professional career as a " street fighter" or "Pit fighter" in South East Asia. Nirmalya was soon approached by Doctor Kumar, the President of the International Chinese Kick Boxing Association.

Nirmalya began his professional circuit career in the ICKBA In 1983 traveling through India, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Myanmar, Nirmalya earned the ring name of "Wildcat" for his fierce speed and aggressive knee and elbow 'close quarter' fighting style, while establishing a record of 87 fights, 82 wins, 5 losses with 46 knock outs.

Nirmalya was one of the very few who trained in the more military forms of combat from Muay Thai to Boar Bando, he was invited to become an instructor in the Combat and Commando Systems Divisions of the National training Camps of the ICKBA. He has Judged and Refereed over 120 fights in the ICKBA.

He specialized in training advanced combat and concepts to "Special Military Forces", Anti Terrorist's Team" and Special Police Forces he was also employed as a 'professional bodyguard'. One of his assignments was to the Royal Family of Nepal and the Royal A. D. C. to his Majesty the King of Nepal.

Nirmalya is also a veteran of Hatha Yoga and is licensed instructor from the International Yoga Temple of Calcutta, India. His appointments include:

Bachelor Degree in Business Management/ Marketing.

Chief Training Instructor of the National Training Camp of the ICKBA in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sikkim.

Chief Assistant Examiner of ICKBA

Honorary Vice President of ICKBA

Chief Instructor of Combat and Commando Division of the ICKBA.

Chief Instructor for Specialized Unarmed Combat, and Short Bladed Weapon Combat.

In charge of training selected "Special Military Forces" (Black Cat Commando) of India, Government Agents, Police and Anti Terrorist Forces.

Chief Instructor and Chief "Executive Protection" Consultant for the International Institute of Professional Executive Protection.

Muay Thai Academy International instructs in Muay Thai, Boar Bando where 80% of the students are Police personnel, Bodyguards, Martial Art instructors and Security Guards.

Nirmalya was assigned to numerous VIP protection assignments by the ICKBA A 3rd. Degree Black belt of the ICKBA, and a Lifetime member of the 'East West' Bodyguard Alliance.

Special Advisor and International Representative to the BTBC and the BTBC New York Correspondence Office. Senior Vice President to the USMTA, South California State Director and International Representative of the USMTA for India.

Member of the WMTC, EMTU, WAMTA.

Listed with Dunn & Bradstreet.


Law Enforcement Street Combat: This course is usually custom tailored to the growing needs of the group or department of different Law Enforcement Agencies dealing specially with Street Combat Situations.

High Risk Security: This course deals with the needs of High Risk Security Personnel such as, Bounty Hunters, Correction Officers, and certain Law Enforcement Agencies.

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