Motto: "The Source for Authentic Muay Thai"

1 East 28th St., (off 5th Avenue), 2nd Floor

Tel: 212-725-4666      Fax: 212-725-5552

Email: muaythai  

Mon - Fri 1pm - 10pm     Sat:  1pm to 3pm

Get in shape - Train in safety - Gain confidence

Thailand certified trainers, affordable training, no contracts, classes for men, women & children,  group & private lessons available.

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Gym is one of New York City's premier Thai Boxing training gyms. based on the corner of 28th Street and 5th avenue, the camp can happily  boast that its main instructor is no other than one of Thailand's respected and champion Thai fighters Coban  Lookchaomaesaithong  listed in Thailand's top all time champion fighters. And Instructor Kru Nestor Marte, trained in Thailand at the famous  Sak Tay Wan and Suthanikul Muay Thai camps in Bangkok 

The Ultimate Muay Thai Gym is open seven days a week and offers flexible rates and training schedules, making it easy for you to study and progress on a  path to health and fitness.

Group Classes: are ninety minutes long and feature both contact and non-contact training sessions in their fully equipped gym. Their classes include self defense instruction, physical conditioning,  various reaction drills and training exercises, to train exactly like a Thai fighter. 



Private Lessons: are designed for those students seeking a more personalized and accelerated training. It has been shown to prove that private lessons students progress three times faster than students who rely on group classes alone. Private lessons are an hour and a half  long and are schedules anytime of the week, day or evening at your convenience. Private lesson students may attend a group class if they cannot make it to a scheduled Private lesson.

Student Referrals: Bring a friend and receive a discount from your monthly fee. if they sign up for a years membership you receive a free month!!


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