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The USMTA's  Team  Muay Thai USA  (Team Thunder) are  the first  of the  years  association teams  to travel  outside the USA  and heads across the waters to the dry sands of Arabia  and  the fabled  land of the  Pharaohs.  Team captain and  coach Dave Cummings, no stranger to the sport prepares to take the US team  to  do battle with  the sons of the desert.

 The  event  promoted by Mr. Fatah Abbas Osman is to be held on January 30th in  the  City of Cairo in Egypt  and  is scheduled to  be held at the Ramses Hotel in Cairo.

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The current USMTA's Team Muay Thai-USA traveling from Florida to Egypt on June 2nd 2008,  have  been  training  vigorously for this event and  are  looking forward to showing  off the  colors as well as  their  skill in  Muay Thai. Team members Ricardo Rosario 168 lbs 2-0 1ko, Ulyesses Carrion 156 lbs 0-1.

Team also includes Dominique Simmons Fl 159 7-1  Chris Gordon Fl 155 2-0 2ko's,  Dawn Parker Fl 105lbs  debut,   BJ Hill Fl  245 8-1,  Jesse Bodden Fl 160 2-0 2ko's -  Edwin Buck 245  1-1,  Heidi Sondi  Fl 140 Debut,  Saymara Correa 120lbs  debut,  Gregorio Simmons 175 lbs debut -  Lawrence Ross reserve team member.


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