The USMTA Christmas Page 2007


We wish to thank all the visitors who come to our site. Here  are some Christmas  greetings presented to the association. We feel it only fair that we share these with all our members and visitors.    Web Master..

Mitt Romney  & family ( former Governor Mass.)

 Governor Joe Manchin III    West Virginia

Governor Linda Lingle  Hawaii

Governor Dan & family  Michigan

Governor Christopher Gregoire & family Washington

Governor John P. de Jongh Jr. & family  U.S. Virgin Islands

Governor Todd Palins & family Alaska

Governor Benigno Fitial.  Commonwealth  of the N. Mariana Islands

Governor of Puerto Rico Anibal  Salvador Acevedo Vila, and  family Piti, Gabriela & Juan Carlos

The British Thai Boxing Council (BTBC) UK

Extreme Muay Thai Academy NY

Xmas  letter  from Gov  of  CA.,  Arnold Schwarzernegger


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