REGION -2      Arjarn  Kevin Jakub Email: 

Kru Suuan Jakub

Arjarn Jakub had been instructed in the martial art disciplines of Thailand for 15 years, prior to 2004 under the late Arjarn Chen Chai, one of Thailand's the top instructors to the Royal Thai Military, and is probably one of very few foreign instructors of Muay Chao Chur (Old Style) combat Muay Thai  in the USA today.
He  continues his Thai martial art instruction under, Pramarjarn  Tony Moore of the BTBC (British Thai Boxing Council).
  REGION-3    Rick Caudle Email:

Kru Rick Caudle has 32 years of Martial Arts experience and has trained with several of the top instructors including: Sifu Paul Vunak, Sijo James DeMile, Sifu Kevin Seaman, Master Will Higginbotham, Guro Chuck Gauss, & Kru Muay Suwat Sidthilaw of Thailand. He has also attended seminars with: Dan Inosanto, and the  late Larry Hartsell, Francis Fong, Tim Tackett, and Chai Sirisute. In 2006 Rick became USMTA State

 Directorf or Tennessee. In 1990, Rick had the unique experience of living and training with a native Thai instructor, Suwat Sidthilaw. Kru Sidthilaw was raised in the jungle area of Northern Thailand called Chiang Mai, where his father was the local Muay Thai champion. Often times they would challenge their neighbor and meet to fight in the dirt roads that connected their villages. This resulted in the development of a lethal style of Muay Thai that goes beyond what you see in the ring. Chosen for his experience in Traditional Muay Thai, and in 2008 Kru Rick became the Regional-3 Director. In 2011 Rick moved to California and still represents the USMTA.


Master Bob Karmel,

AZ state Director, and S.W. Regional Director, Master Bob Karmel has contributed so much to the sport of Muay Thai over the past 2 decades and more. His knowledge and depth of understanding of the sport and the area he lives in has made him a beacon for many students within the state. He has produced many champion fighters, starting as an Amateur to working their way to professional.

Master Bob, has been with the association promoting the sport and protecting the fighter. He has been accepted as S.W. regional director for the USMTA.

REGION-7   Douglas Owens:    Hawaii State :  Email:

Doug Owens has trained in several martial arts: Isshen Ryu Karate, American Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.  Of all three Muay Thai is the sport he loves..  Doug wants to continue promoting the art of Muay Thai in Hawaii.   With the help of the Muay Thai community Doug wants to promote Muay Thai and hold proper controlled and sanctioned events.  The  Island  of Oahu is known as the gathering place, this is where Doug has envisioned gathering competitors from around the globe for Muay

Thai world championship quality competitions. Doug held his the first Muay Thai Seminar in Hawaii under the  instruction of Arjarn Tong Trithara.  He plans to have more seminars to educate the competitors in Hawaii and invite those around the world. Doug  became the USMTA Director for the State of Hawaii  in 2008  He  is a  member of the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA). Doug trained under Kru Anthony K. Mills and Arjarn Tong Trithara.


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