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  Many of Por Kruh's graduates have gone on to perform at ceremonial functions and even in movies and television shows which are arranged through the alumni association established in 1983. A number of graduates have served in the military's primary paratrooper regiments. A few have even been selected as members of the elite security force chosen to guard his Majesty the King. Por Kruh believes that anyone though can benefit from the practice of Krabi Krabong both young and old. It continues to be taught to commandos, elite infantry units, royal bodyguards and many, many young children. In his later years, Por Kruh Samai Mesamarn continued to personally teach and promote his chosen art even just before his untimely death at the age of 84. As he had once said in a newspaper interview, "I believe that our effort to promote Krabi Krabong is a great tribute to our ancestors, for the art of Krabi Krabong will outlast any statues or monuments." 

In the past not many foreigners were allowed to learn the master secrets of the art,  Although more foreigners now are being allowed into the secrets of the system.  In the past, a Thai Master would not teach a foreigner the weapons until he has first trained in Muay Thai for some considerable time. When a student has trained in Muay Thai for the appropriate time he may be accepted by his master and must first take the 'Acceptance Ritual'. 

 One of the old rituals, though this is not followed much today,  was that the student would burn joss sticks and give a present or small sum of money and a flower to the master. The master will then pray for his student, who must take the oath and promise to be a proper and trusted disciple of the chosen school. 

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